Lightnite FIRST LOOK – Presale Public Build Now Available – Play Lightnite Single Player

Lightnite FIRST LOOK – Presale Public Build Now Available – Play Lightnite Single Player

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hey this is David for big bits in this video we’re gonna take a look at the first version of light night that is available that is the single player version this is essentially their alpha slash demo tour you can kind of get into the environment see what’s going on now I am getting into the game through Steam if you’ve already pre purchased then you should have been able to get your access code and redeem that on Steam to be able to have access to the game and you can download and play that as of pretty much yesterday which was April 13th this is my first chance of actually getting around to look at it so today is actually April 14 2020 and I’ve already opened the application just to make sure it actually open there were small delays in getting the application into steam once the keys were given out but now the game has actually been released so we can actually take a look at it so let’s actually go ahead and do that this is my first reaction of the game myself I had a nice little splash screen that came up we’re on to the white night menu looks very nice I actually really like the menu looks very professional in my opinion I believe we’ve seen this from some of those early release screenshots and we can see here there is a section for Satoshi’s that is the Satoshi symbol that a lot of people have used and this would be your balance I assume once you get your account set up on their website or through the actual game client itself you’ll be able to keep track of your Bitcoin in Satoshi’s here and of course there’s quite a few things going on here they click on settings and see what we’ve got there’s a few different settings nothing major as you should be aware this is an alpha build or essentially just a demo so not everything is in there but just getting to see and get a feel for the game I think is really important to see how this is actually going to turn out and so far just looking at the menu it looks really nice let’s actually get into the game and see how that works so let’s see we have two options right now there is a development sandbox and there’s a military base close combat facility let’s go ahead and hit play and go to the military base now I am on a solid-state drive so I’m hoping the loading will happen pretty quickly yeah that’s very nice I can already tell I think my sensitivity is a little too high for me let’s see if I can change that okay now we don’t have a sensitivity setting just yet so that’s probably something they’re already working on I don’t think they would have overlooked that so most likely it’s just they haven’t been able to implement that yet and as I said this is the very first version that’s out there so there’s probably a lot that they’re missing they’ve obviously done a lot of nice work on their graphics now I am using a GTX 10 atti so my graphics should be very good this is a pretty high-end card let me see if there’s anything I can do no I can’t go up any higher level on the graphics we’re already at 1080p resolution at the highest Hertz available now if this is detecting my monitors refresh rate which I don’t know if it can then that might be capping it otherwise you might be able to get a faster refresh right there but between the two I think we’re good now I don’t have the audio enabled on my computer because usually when I record videos I don’t want the audio on but I’m actually going to turn my volume up locally here and see if I can actually hear anything no I’m not hearing anything do I have this muted let me check my other screen so I’m not really sure if it’s not playing music or muted this is probably an issue on my end just because of how I do my recordings I usually don’t record the desktop audio but let’s actually get into moving around you can see at the top and this is a very nice HUD you’ve got a nice compass up at the top that shows you it even I don’t know if you’ll notice this right above the W now in the center I believe that it’s telling you the angle within the 360 degrees on the map that you’re looking at so it says 270 so I believe be at 360 minus 90 would be 270 so at a right angle 90 degrees that would point you directly west which would be left which let’s see I think this is right okay these videos confuse me when they get flipped like this but you can get an idea for how these things actually work so north should be 360 or 0 yep East would be 90 and South would be 180 okay so yeah that number behind that does show you the absolute angle you’re looking at this is pretty nice to know up in the top right there is a mini map which that’s handy of course and then there is a map as well let’s hit em it looks like a keyboard shortcut and we can see the entire map here okay one thing I’d already like to see is an indicator for our position currently but it’s just kind of nice to see all of this as it is resume the game look at the bottom so it looks like that is our ammo on the bottom of the screen we have 600 in our ammo and we have I believe that would be 30 clips and see we’re just moving around here jumping I actually really like it the lighting I think is really nice it’s reflecting really nicely off the van even though this is low poly I think it actually looks really good movement he’s kind of sliding around on me a little bit but that’s believed that’s due to I’m coding in some momentum but he’s moving pretty quick that’s not really too big of a deal like I said I would like my sensitivity to be adjusted and finally let’s actually start firing some stuff let me go up to the top of these steps see if I can right click to zoom like you can in a lot of games no not yet now one thing I don’t like already is what the crosshairs my mouse is in the middle of that but let’s try to shoot some stuff just by clicking okay nice so there actually is sound there’s no music let me turn my desktop audio on you might hear some beings for some notifications that come through and that’s why I typically have my sound off in my videos but for the purposes of this video I’m gonna leave this on so that you can hear what’s going on okay you can Crouch with the control key and that is a toggle with the control key let’s see if we can reload with our yes use our to reload nothing on e and q yet looks like ESI mode telling them to go on cue doesn’t appear to be anything the M of course was the minimap and I don’t see any other key bonds just yeah it’s none of the numbers at the top of the keyboard or doing anything shift doesn’t appear to be doing anything so I think that’s all there is to it we’ve got the reload we’ve got a remote and we can fire I would love a zoom but I think a lot of these types of games don’t actually allow you to zoom unless you’re using certain weapons so maybe we just need to find a sniper rifle or something with a scope on it to be able to use now one thing I did forget to mention when I saw it firing was that it it leaves these artifacts on top of the layer that you shoot on top of which is really a nice little touch so that you can get an idea of what’s been going on what’s down here it’s kind of explore a little bit plenty of environmental clutter I guess you’d say these crates and things like that to help create places to take cover I should say so that’s nice to see I really enjoy this this actually looks a lot better than I was expecting just looking at the release videos I guess you should say that they had for it or they were just looking at these things I think once they get this polished a little bit more it’s gonna be really good yeah obviously we’ve we’ve came across a few things that we would like changed but like I said this is an alpha build or a demo so we can’t expect everything the way we like it and Wow okay so our windows don’t break let’s see if we can and we’re not getting any environmental damage on things like the trashcan I wonder if there is anything that we can actually damage so maybe this is something that’s coming I wonder if we can climb at a ladder okay so there doesn’t appear to be a way for me to interact with the ladder maybe I’m just missing that that I don’t think so usually in these sorts of games you would have a pop up come up to where it would prompt you on how to actually do what you’re doing but for the most part I’m really impressed with what we have here and considering where they are on the roadmap I’d say things are looking really good you know obviously they’re probably a little bit further along in development than what they’re showing you in just this a lot of these art assets are probably gonna be reused in some aspect in other areas of the game such as the posters and furniture and things like that now the other details like the vehicles was it there was someone that was a camo military vehicle oh yeah the motorcycle none of those might not fit in in some of the other zones that they have planned but some of these vehicles might like the like the cars but the military vehicle might be a little bit specific to this particular zone but this is really nice let’s go ahead and check out the sandbox environment let’s quit this one and play in a sandbox environment okay so we’ve got some music let me turn that down actually let me turn it up my apologies I’ve been recording with the sound off and I actually need to turn this down for myself okay so I hope you can hear this this is I guess their music that they’re working with or ambient sounds and you probably can’t tell us but it sounds like the source of the sound is that yellow circle there you can see we’ve got other weapons here what if we can pick any of these up I’m not seeing how to do that just yet so that’s probably something else they’re working on yeah so finally got some of the environment to move around for is that fell down so it looks like these things aren’t gonna be in the game it’s just the stuff that we interacted with and the military match wasn’t quite ready for that this is pretty cool so let’s go up this ramp see what we’re looking at here I hope you all can hear the actual sound effects now from where I’m shooting the game let’s look at the map for this it’s actually showing us the military base map when we’re on this one so I don’t know if they meant to do that or if there’s even a map file available for this level if there’s not a lot of bounce back on the fire or riku lye should say what’s hardest for me with the aiming is is little momentum how it doesn’t really stop and the sensitivity on the mouse as the mouse even has a little bit of momentum when you turn it overall this is really cool I’m excited about where we’re at and I apologize for not being able to hear in the first part of the video that is absolutely my fault I apologize but like I said I don’t typically record these videos was sound and hopefully once I did turn on you were able to hear that now as far as light night goes if you don’t know what it’s about and you’ve been watching this video I’ve already displayed a card or a little message at the top of the video that’s linked you to the very first video that I did that covered this but you’ll also be seeing another one here shortly and what light night is is it is a game and let me get out of this because I can’t stand hearing those birds anymore but what it is is essentially a fortnight like game where you’re going to be able to use Bitcoin in its smallest denomination Satoshi to be able to play and earn with other players now you can compete against others to earn and there’s different game modes that they have out there available but this is the very first build of that game that they put out there and if you haven’t already checked it out please go to their website now there is a referral link in the description of the video if you want to go ahead and pre-purchase the game I believe it’s sixteen dollars but that might change depending on where they are in the development I don’t know if they have plans to change it but that’s just where we are now but if you do go ahead and preorder you are gonna get a couple of nice things and that should be identified in the description of that referral link I believe you get asked in as some satoshis I believe maybe something else I’m not entirely sure but the offer might change that’s why I’m a little hesitant to tell you exactly what you’re gonna get if you do it but you’ll be able to get some of that stuff if you go ahead and preorder plus the referral link gives you a discount when I say it’s $16 right now that’s because with the referral you get a 20% discount off the regular price of $20 which is what I paid when they very first announced it because I was really excited about the idea they came out with but that is gonna be it for now the only thing really to look at is the what’s new and that’s pretty much everything that we’re going over so far in this video but I think that’s it for this video if you like the light Knight stuff definitely like the video and subscribe to the channel because I’ve been covering light night since it was very first announced and I’m going to continue to cover it as this is one of the big crypto projects that I really believe in for fostering adoption of actually using Bitcoin and crypto in the real world in a meaningful and useful way so thank you all for watching the video and have a great day [Music] [Music] [Music]

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