TradingView Scripts

Convert a strategy from another application or make something entirely new to fit your specific needs.

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Smart Contract Coding

If you need to leverage the blockchain, the BigBits team can help customize a solution specifically for your needs.

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Strategic Partnerships

Would you like to sponsor videos on BigBits’ YouTube channel, schedule a speaking engagement or more?

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BigBits Can Help You!

BigBits was created in 2012 to help companies innovate and improve their technology needs in a manner that is affordable, honest and effective. The organization strives for producing value for customers and followers at a very high priority.

There is no shortage of experience in customizing technology solutions at BigBits. From mobile games, Office 365, blockchain coding, Windows client applications, automated trading, application integrations, website development and much much more, BigBits has the experience in innovating and adapting to any environment to solve your needs.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are changing the technological landscape and BigBits can keep you ahead of the curve to help empower you to compete in any technological landscape.

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It is easy to contact BigBits and get a timely response. Contact directly by email, or just add us on any of the social media links at the bottom of this page and send us a direct message.