Lightnite March Dev Blog – Tons of Updates – Play Single Player – Road Map Updates – Collaborations

Lightnite March Dev Blog – Tons of Updates – Play Single Player – Road Map Updates – Collaborations

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hey this is David for big bits and welcome back in this video we’re gonna take a look at another light night update and this one is at their March development blog now they do post these a little bit after the month that they’ve done the work in and then of course I’m usually a few days late myself getting around to actually doing this so we are a little bit behind when this was actually announced but we have also already posted our video of the first look of their first build that was available to actually get into a game environment and if you haven’t seen that yet go back there’s a playlist on my channel for light night which goes back to their very first announcement so if you’re curious about light night and you’re checking out this video and you’ve not seen any of my videos before subscribe to the channel we will be covering light night for a while because I think it’s a really cool project honestly it covers a lot of things that I like games a bit coin so we’re gonna continue doing that but in this video we’re going to take a look at their March development blog and we’re gonna have a lot to cover in this one it’s pretty long I’m gonna try and be quick okay so I’ve already mentioned they have released their single player it’s very important you keep your expectations low and they mention this a little bit later on in this dev blog is that they are trying to be as open as possible this open development policy I believe is what they call it but essentially they are sharing as much as they can to me as transparent as possible about what they’re doing and that goes a long way with helping build trust with the people who are kind of invested in what they’re doing such as myself i pre-purchase the game and I’ve been following it ever since it was announced so for people like us it’s very good for building trust and then also it’s pretty good idea sometimes to gather attention but like they mentioned it does make you a little bit vulnerable to other people attacking you basically saying what is this this isn’t finished this looks awful and a lot of times people will jump the gun and not give you enough time to complete what you’re working on so definitely managing your expectations right now is a very good idea and this comes with any project I’m not sure if you all know this but I’m actually a certified project manager and one of the key things you need to do on your projects and especially game design that is a project as well you need to manage your expectations you need to let people know what they can expect to actually receive and how things are actually proceeding and I think they’re doing a really good job of that in my opinion all right so on to their actual updates here their character control this was in the single player this was a basic kind of placeholder I was kind of figuring this out as we went because it was missing a well not a lot of features but it was missing some of the main features and it wasn’t quite as polished as you would have liked and of course this is their first build so that’s kind of to be expected but they’re gonna have more things coming along in the future obviously but one thing that they didn’t mention here that I kind of remember was an actual emotes using the EE key bond so they did have a little bit more in there than they’re giving themselves credit for and they also mentioned a mini game system I’ve seen some videos out there on YouTube or people kind of give this a hard time because it’s just another battle royale game and it’s fair there’s a lot of those but I think there is a particular niche for this type of game and with me and in the mini game system build open things up a little bit more to people who aren’t really a huge fan of battle royale type stuff but just being a game that integrates Bitcoin in it and it’s probably gonna get a decent amount of attention when it is actually released is going to be a good thing just overall for crypto in general in my opinion they’ve already got several people that are working with it looks like they’re doing a good job of collaborating and that I see a lot of great things coming from them so hopefully this actually does play out see they talk about the different minigame types there’s gonna be leaderboards for those Easter eggs things like this nothing I’m not gonna get too excited about it because we are kind of early on in the development process and those things are kind of subject to change now there is a lot of technical type stuff in this dev blog and it’s a dev blog so you might kind of expect that but their first prototype they admitted they have not taken many optimization steps now they say they head it to where they done enough optimization so that they felt like you could play it on a fairly average computer and it not be too sluggish now I don’t I haven’t tried it on a sluggish computer I have a pretty decent computer with a very nice very nice graphics card I have a GTX 1080 Ti which is pretty high-end graphics card it’s not the highest in anymore but a couple years ago it was pretty much the highest tier card you could get at the time so I was playing at the highest level settings they had I had absolutely no issues the game looked great from a first-impression standpoint the lighting I thought was really nice if you want to go check out what the game looks like go back to that last video there’s a lot of stuff I went through pretty much the whole map for the most part at least with inside the buildings and played around with a few things it looked really good let’s see here are some more technical things the optimization so they wanted to get the game to run at 60 frames per second and if you just look at the staircase they’re showing you here you see a bunch of different colors and essentially what they’re doing with their optimization that they’re talking about with this mesh combined studio is they’re taking all of these different objects and they’re pretty much converting them into one big object so you can imagine if you were a computer and you were trying to load information it would be much easier to load the details for one big object as a 250 small objects so that’s kind of what this is accomplishing kind of merging things together and allowing the system load them quicker that way at least that’s my understanding of that see they also had some tweaks with the lighting system but like I said I thought it looked really good at the time and they have done some work with the colliders and that is the system that allows the game to detect when there are collisions now this is important for making sure that you don’t run through walls and buildings that if there are cars driving around that if they hit you then you’ll know when you get hit because you will have collided and the collider system detects that stuff a user interface I believe they ended up going with this one in their first build but they had several mock-ups available I do like this one the most I do think that maybe the yellow part is a bit too wide but like I said it’s it’s so early on it’s not really that important they came out with some color palettes for their modal pop-ups or they’re just they’re informational pop-ups or message pop-ups whatever you want to call them during the middle of the game and my favorite one I believe is number five here so I’m curious what other people think on this because I really do like number five the most myself and curious as to what other people think because I can’t remember which one they actually used in the game so if you have a thought on the edges leave a comment in the video now they have also done something pretty cool which I guess is probably standard for game development I’ve done a little bit of game development myself back in the past but I never worked with unity so I can’t say for sure if what they’re doing is actually kind of a standard thing now or not but they have taken this markup language which is kind of similar to HTML or may determine it or they say it is Web Design as like web design and it allows you to place your items on the screen and in well-organized way without manually placing them and essentially what that means is your design can be more responsive and that is the word that we use in web development where we’re using things like bootstrap to make our web pages responsive and work on different devices with different screen resolutions I imagine that’s a similar system that they’re using here so they’re elements kind of aligned nicely on different screen sizes now they’ve talked about the open development which I touched on earlier which we’ve also touched on the expectations so I’m not really gonna go into depth on this you can go read this for yourself there should be a link to this particular development blog in the description of the video so you’re going to go check that out too there’s gonna be some other links down there we’ll get to those in just a moment they also made some improvements on the light night’s store and you can finally change your user name and password which that was a little bit confusing at first that we couldn’t do that I didn’t know how to do that when I first got started so it’s nice to see that actually make it in there now especially as they’re probably gonna have more people coming in to the game and it’s a pretty crucial feature they also added a 24/7 chat support although they can’t really support it 24/7 right now I believe this is a small team so expecting them to be able to cover something 24/7 when they really don’t have a revenue stream coming in just yet from a bunch of people actually playing the game or advertisers are these sorts of things they’re probably working with money that they got from investors or money they’re working with from themselves I can only speculate on this as to how they’re actually doing this but I would imagine if I were to be doing a start-up and making a game like this it would be hard to be available 24/7 even with a medium-sized team of somewhere between 10 to 20 people I don’t know what size their team is though so I can say now the feedback and issue reporting system this one is actually pretty neat so if you go to their feedback and issue system I’ll give you a link to this one it’s issues that light night that I oh you can add your feedback and your suggestions here or they will take a look at that I’ve added mine I’ve already got it open here I went through a bunch of the things that we talked about in the video and I shared that with them so that they could have that feedback as well now back to the dev blog because I want to get this over with because there’s a lot going on today there is the updated roadmap and in crypto a lot of people see a change in a roadmap they freak out and they think that the project is falling apart and that’s just not the case every time like I said I’m a certified project manager and projects do not always go the way you anticipate there are risk there are threats to your project and things come up that can either be something that you can crash essentially apply more resources to and get things done on time and there’s other things where you just you don’t have the time you don’t have the money so instead of trying to get everything done within your original time frame you just extend your time frame or you focus on different priorities at different times to make sure you get all your tasks accomplished so just because the roadmaps changed a little doesn’t mean that they’re not working on it they do address that they are dealing with the coronavirus stuff themselves with the social distancing although this is probably a type of industry where remote work is probably not too bad of an option although I haven’t done work with unity so I can’t really say what they’re having to deal with on that end with these sort of things and they’ve also mentioned that they are going to be having releases every two to three weeks and the next one’s gonna have their character customization basic NPC targets and a damaged system so that’s gonna be really interesting to see I can’t wait to actually customize the character and then actually hopefully get to damage some NPCs maybe even kill them who knows what they’re going to do and then we they have some other things coming up I’m not gonna get too much into it because those things are gonna come along later and we’ll probably have another video before then they’ve also added some art for hoverboards and these are actually pretty cool they’ve also done some vehicles that are hoverboard type and I guess you would call them hover vehicles whatever and finally I know I’m going through this pretty quick this is a long video already the blocks stream satellite packs so they have added some models into the game including a block stream satellite and that’s part of their collaboration with them and if you’re not familiar with block stream they have a satellite network that broadcasts the coin blockchain around the world 24/7 for free so you might have heard about this if you follow crypto and essentially allows the Bitcoin network to continue going even if something were to happen to some sort of Internet infrastructure in your region so you would still have access through it with block stream so I think we are almost done they had another collaboration where they came up with a skin they have their referral codes to where I believe you can get these skins or these knives but since you’ve been watching my video I’m going to tell you to check out my referral code where you’ll get several things for yourself as well you will get a 20% discount which I believe makes the game about 16 dollars right now and you’ll get a skin and 500 Satoshi’s so you can make up your own mind on what referral you would want to use if you’re considering to purchase the game but if you want to use mine it’s in the description of the video I think now we are actually done covering everything I wanted to cover in the video so I thank you for watching if you like the video please leave a like and while you’re down there if you haven’t already please subscribe we’re gonna cover light night even more but that is finally the end of it and have a nice day thank you [Music]

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