Featured Idea by TradingView! New Trade Alert Responder, Giveaway and More Big Bits Updates

Featured Idea by TradingView! New Trade Alert Responder, Giveaway and More Big Bits Updates

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[Music] hey this is David for big bits and in this video we’re gonna take a look at some of the updates for the channel here for big bits on YouTube also some of the other updates regarding the trading view profile trade alert responder and maybe some other stuff we’ll see but for now I want to show you trade alert responder we’ve gotten a lot of progress completed on this I know it doesn’t look like a lot since the last one but there is a new release available which reminds me I need to pull that up for you give me just a moment you should be able to find a link for this in the description of the video here but essentially just go to the trade alert responder application on github and then you can go to the releases section and you will find version 1.0.7 that’s the version that I’m on I believe you might be able to run the update with them without having to undersell the previous version this might just be an issue with my computer cuz I developed the application and I made some changes before it could do that before so there’s a chance that on other computers this works entirely fine but if it doesn’t you can just uninstall the old version and reinstall the new one I want to test this out on another computer at some point though just to see if I can get it to work correctly but we are up and running on version 1.0 seven I took the Installer and I installed it on my computer to make sure it works and that’s what you see running in front of you right now it is looking great I’m logged in to my trading view account on trade alert responder and I can view my alert log where I was testing this a little bit earlier there we go so you can see there were a few that I had tested recently and those all show up here in our actual alert log the main thing that was accomplished recently was adding the alert action plug-in so we took the Twitter settings and the discord settings section outs and we actually made plug-ins for those so that in the future when we want to add other endpoints or other actions such as trade actions making orders on exchanges based on these alerts we can do that with the use of a plug-in and providing settings for the plug-in specifically so this these are the plug-in settings for discord which it looks like I need to make that more obvious that this is for discord but these are the discord settings that if we were to fill this out we could use this and push an update to discord and it would show the alert so that’s the main thing we’ve also went through and we’ve added some changes to where everything’s in the dark theme one of the more important things here is on the About section we updated the logs and now you’re not gonna see this right now because we’re not actually doing anything but there are more log messages I’ll show you that in just a second I just remembered a good one but the disclaimer I’ve updated this to include even sections for when we do eventually add things in for actual trading now the logs themselves we added a lot so now you’re gonna get a log message whenever you start scanning for an alert and you’ll be able to see this down here and hopefully you’re able to see that zoom these are where the latest log messages are shown so we don’t have to switch tabs every time we want to do something but when I hit the scan button here it should give us a new log message and we’ll take a look at that just a moment so I hit scan go back down here you can see that the trading view alert log scanning started scanning for alerts that’s just the name of the plugin started scanning for alerts so we’ve got that and it also does the same thing when you stop the scanning it says stopped now so hopefully you can see that the alerts when they come in it will tell you when you get an alert in the log messages and then if you had any of the alert action plugins enabled it would tell you when those particular plugins performed their action so there’s a lot more log messages available now and really I think we’re through the majority of the work we’re trade alert responder in the backend getting it kind of ready there’s a few more things that I want to get taken care of to really make the alert easier to set up for the scanners so making it easier for the scanners to pick up alerts and send the information back and whatever lay they would like to and then once we do that we can finally start adding some more plugins in here for the alert actions and you can actually do more with the application so for now we’re making some pretty good progress but there’s still a ways to go I’ve been very busy lately if you can’t tell I’ve been working quite a bit on some other things and there’s just a lot of time being spent that I have to take away from this at the moment but hopefully we will get everything taken care of and we can get the application rolling and perhaps get the github sponsors page set up so that we can actually do continued development on the application once we get a few more of the plugins in here looks like there’s a few more things I need to take care of such as anchoring these controls down to the bottom instead of to the top so these move down when you go full screen and moving this out to the right as well but that is it for the trade alert responder I believe there’s a lot of really good things going on there I want to take you back actually to trading view within the application since I’m logged in I wanted to show you on the editors picks you might have missed this but I had one of my video ideas that I’ve been making on trading view featured on their home page here so when you load trading be calm which is what I’ve done it pulls up the editors picks and mine was here for several hours and got a lot of attention that was really nice it helped we’ve got quite a few subscribers we set a new record on YouTube for subscribers after that happen I believe we had about 20 in a single day which beat the old record by two but the good thing is the record of 18 previously was actually met and was really close to so we had a period of several days where the subscribers were up really high so that was really nice let’s see if I can’t find this it’s been a little since we did this this one came out shortly after I did mine that was somebody else with their educational video idea here we go you probably recognize this big bit sigh oh this was the video I did about indicator templates that push that out here on YouTube but I also first recorded that on trading view so that people could see that their first I’ve been doing that I’ve been working with the people at trading view talking to them and they’re doing a really good job of working back with me and we’re doing a lot of good things together as you can see this was on their homepage that made me feel special and it gave them content and they were able to feature that on their home page and help people use their products so it’s kind of working out really well right now between the two of us but as far as other things go I’ve also started on these stochastic weights indicator you may or may not have seen that in some of the videos I’ve been doing I’m working with trying to make sure some of the divergences come a little bit better and in fact let me pull this up on my other screen so that I can drag it back over here in just a moment I don’t want to show anything that I shouldn’t I’m working on some stuff that’s private so I can’t take a chance on showing some of this stuff so give me just a moment and we’ll bring this over there onto the other screen and you’ll see what’s going on also I just finished recording not too long ago a video about stochastic RSI this is one of those indicator explained videos you’ll be able to see that soon so I got to remove that off of my charts and it’s had some stuff here and there we go so we can bring up the stochastic weights here and this is going to be the strategy I’ve actually started working on trying to come up with some sort of strategy with it it’s not doing too well there’s a lot of work I got to do to find the better divergences but the hard part is that the divergence is it’s being very picky about the divergences it finds and the problem with that is we need to be able to find divergences within a trend so if the trend is upward then we would want to find bullish divergences if the trend was downward then we would want to find bearish divergences so that’s something I want to add to this but I also wanted to show you a lot of the settings that we have this is based off with the free one that I did before and it has a lot more settings we are adding in specific weights to each specific stochastic so by default I have always enabled I’ve added the smoothed RSI which is another one of my indicators I’m wanting to go back and add MFI and smooth the MFI as well because I found out that’s actually one that is also ranging between 0 to 100 and then we’ve also added some more options in here as well that you may not be familiar with and some of these are kind of meant to be like that but this particular script is gonna be private once I get done with it the stochastic weights basic is actually gonna be featured I can’t believe I just forgot about that let me go and find that script for you as well and just we will share that in just a moment here so that’s some mower good news here with tradingview let me pull up that script okay so here’s the page for that particular script you can see the information for it it’s actually pretty simple everything is evenly weighted but we’re gonna be featured in the best scripts of the month section so that’s actually really nice this is like a third or fourth month in a row now that we’ve done that and I’m really happy with that there’s also the volatility weighted and moving average that I’m working on but this particular indicator is the one that I’m focusing on right now it seems to be pretty decent what I’d really like to see is matching this to a trend so these are 5-minute divergences I probably wouldn’t want to do five-minute version sees I probably want to do hourly or something and then I would also want to look for a trend so I’m thinking about adding in a fancy moving average here it’s not actually gonna be a fancy moving average we’re just gonna have a standard moving average look for a 200 period moving average and you know if we are above or below it then we’ll go with it and this is on the hourly I like to use higher time frames than whatever we’re using so I would want to use a four-hour resolution so here we would have not entered in this one this bear this bullish divergence excuse me because it was under the trend line and this one as well because it was under the trend line so those were two that lost we would have entered in this one and it’s questionable that we would have entered in this one but we have one winner we would not have entered in that one which it looks like that’s probably gonna be a good thing because the price is dumped since then we would have entered here but you’ll notice there’s really not a whole lot of signals we would have entered here so you would have wanted a stop loss or a take profit up here let’s see yeah it’s ruling out a lot of them on the one hour maybe we should look at like the the one day or something but honestly I’m not too disappointed that’s a really good one right there really quick but there’s honestly some stuff that I would prefer to be done differently and this is on the hourly chart you see it’s missing out a lot of these moves and so it’s more or less meant to be a scalping type situation so I think I need to go back and design this for something like a five-minute chart to where it would work better with that and that’s gonna be hard to justify getting it to work correctly because there’s really not a lot of great entries on this one although this one’s not too terribly bad I probably need to change this moving average something else but I don’t want to go into too much detail right now but just making this available and if you want this and you want to be able to wait the difference stochastics differently so if you want to wait the stochastic three times instead of just one you can do that you can see it change the values and it changed when some of the divergences occurred so I’m gonna be playing around with that trying to get these values there’s tons of settings on this thing so I’ve got to figure out what’s going on what I actually need to use and what I don’t there’s a lot going on here if you want access to that one I’ve already said in some of the previous videos if you want access leave a comment on YouTube message me on Twitter tradingview discord any of those and I’ll add you to a list I’ve got a list of several people already who want access to this one I’m probably gonna go ahead and publish the the strategy or the alerts actually I’m sorry I’m losing my mind the indicator I’ll probably publish the indicator version of the stochastic weights so you can get alerts when there may be these divergences but then we’ll have to also get the strategy working as well so I’m gonna say just whoever is going to get access for free now with the stochastic weights advanced I’ll also let you have the strategy as well I’m not sure we can get this to work great but we will try our best and if it does and eventually I do want to start charging for this I will let anyone who’s already had it continue to have access so if this does turn out to be something good go ahead and ask for access now go ahead and grant it to you I’ll probably go ahead and publish these privately and go ahead and grant access this weekend to the people who’ve requested and who knows if we’ll ever change that but for now this is gonna be completely free and maybe we will do something a little bit different now the other thing I did want to talk about as far as the indicators go is I’m working on some different stuff with my existing ones of these I do want to end up charging for eventually and that is the fancy indicators I am working on a fancy Bollinger Band strategy and this one will allow you to use the Bollinger Bands for entries and exits so people have their own settings they’d like to use for these this isn’t really ideal for five minute candles but say you wanted to enter when the price crossed above the upper band and you didn’t want to sell and to look cross below the lower band so you could do something like that basically I’m gonna build in several strategies you can choose your own strategy and then each strategy will have its own selections here and then people can kind of come up with whatever they want based off of their strategy selection all the other settings so you know you want to trade 5-minute candles but you actually want to use that hey kanashii candles and you want to use like a whole moving average 50 period and you want the upper band deviation to be one the lower deviation to be three these sorts of things so and that actually made it profitable so that was it’s kind of interesting you’re looking at a five-minute chart and you got a profitable Bollinger Band strategy with some random settings so there’s a lot that you can play around with with this particular strategy and I want to be able to give this to people but it’s something I probably need a charge for and hopefully I can do this through trading view and hopefully we’ll get some people who are actually interested in using it because we’re gonna have a lot of different strategies built into one which I don’t think a lot of other people actually have in their strategies or they offer that much value so I’m gonna try to make this offer more value than any other strategy out there particularly when it comes to Bollinger Bands kind of like how we made the fancy Bollinger Bands indicator better than any other Bollinger Bands indicator ever in my opinion we’re gonna go back and we’re gonna make the fancy Bollinger Band strategy better than any other Bollinger Band strategy you can find on trading view by giving you more and more options and part of that is because of the indicator itself that we built but the other part is going to be the use of strategies that we build in and then you can actually choose different strategies based on what your preference is so if you have actually found any Bollinger Band strategies that you like that don’t just involve crossing up and crossing down between certain bands go ahead and link those in the description of the video or you know contact me on any other platforms like trading view or Twitter discord any of those that’s completely fine I’ll take a look into it and we might even add it to the strategy itself but for now that’s it for the Bollinger Bands I’m trying to think if there’s anything else I need to really cover right now and I also hope to do this for the fancy moving averages as well but that’s not quite as much of a priority for me I’ve had a lot of stuff going on so it’s been hard to get a lot accomplished as you might imagine yeah that’s pretty much it I don’t have much else to say that giveaway is still going on I am gonna ask a new question in the giveaway so if you’ve watched the video this far I’ll just go ahead and tell you that the answer is going to be this will make sure you can see that the answer is going to be this value here so if you’ve been watching this long you deserve to know that the answer is this and you should check back up on that well you probably go ahead and check it now I’m gonna put a link for that giveaway in the description of the video so you can go there and look for the entry that asked a question and you can go there put in that and then you will be qualified for a large amount of entries because I like to reward the people who actually watch the channel but of course there’s other entries you can do without even having to watch but that’s gonna do it for this particular video while you’re down there looking for the giveaway and you’re thinking about the answer there if you could if you’ve watched the video this far please like the video if you haven’t already and of course if you haven’t subscribed already and you’ve watched the video this far I would hope the goodness that you actually would like to subscribe so please subscribe while you’re down there as well we do a lot of videos where we cover a lot of the stuff that I talked about in this particular video but they’re usually a little bit more focused and not so much channel updates as far as things that I’m up to but more as like specific indicators or a specific updates to trade alert responder and things like that so please subscribe and come back again but it is the fourth of July weekend here in America so for those of you who are also Americans like myself happy fourth of July I hope everyone it has a great and safe weekend thank you all [Music]

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Featured Idea by TradingView! New Trade Alert Responder, Giveaway and More Big Bits Updates

In this video we focus on the latest video idea being featured by TradingView for their new updates. First we focus on updates for Trade Alert Responder and then we talk about progress on new indicators and an update on the current giveaway. Please comment if you have any ideas to share!

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