What’s New in TradingView 4-10-2020 – Financial Functions – Enhanced Replay – New Drawing Extensions

What’s New in TradingView 4-10-2020 – Financial Functions – Enhanced Replay – New Drawing Extensions

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big bits in this video we’re gonna take a look at all of the changes that tradingview has made in the last week now today is April 10th and yes I did have to look but there has been many changes since the last time that I talked to you about some of the updates on trading view I don’t want to go over some of those with you because that’s what we cover on this channel we cover a lot of stuff a trading view pine script and a bunch of details and tutorials and sharing a bunch of indicators with you and I’ve got a lot to cover today and we’re gonna get started with financial information so if you’re curious as to what’s been changing with trading view you can always check out from their menu and there’s always a section called what’s new and if there’s anything new since the last time you checked it they’ll be a little red badge over here with a number of notifications that you’ve missed I believe it’ll even show up on the menu icon itself so you can click on what’s new and you scroll down and see everything I’m gonna go through these one by one with you so you can see what we’re talking about now one thing I did want to share with you before we started talking about the financials and some of these other features is that I have just published a new indicator this is the fancy triple moving averages so if you’re familiar with my other indicators that I’ve done this one has combined a lot of the things that I’ve done and I’ve added and if you’re curious as to why part of the moving average is brighter than the other part and that’s because the highlighted part are the candles that are actually included in the moving average calculations this is a 50 period moving average so it highlights those 50 candles this would this yellow one is 100 so it highlights a hundred candles and the red is 200 so it highlights 200 candles so that’s all there is to that I’m gonna take that one off here because you can always check that out on my profile looking at the scripts now back to the financial information they have added and you can find this in their blog they have added financial functions and metrics into Pyne now they have a whole guide for it on how to do this but essentially they’ve just added a new function called financial and you can pass in this symbol that you’re working with a financial ID now those are the most important things that you need to know and let’s take a look at how this is actually used now I’ve already came up with a script here you can see there’s two lines the red line for Apple is the Accounts Payable and the green line is their cash and equivalents so let’s see how that’s actually done all you have to do is call this financial function pass in the symbol that you’re working with and then the ID of the financial information that you want to use now to find that information they have a guide here you go you can click on this I believe this is actually in their FAQ or their Help section but you can also click on the guide here I believe to find those to see what the different IDs are and these are all of the different types of information based on the financial ID that you can look at and when they’re available so there’s tons of information available you can see cash flow ratios over the first two they’re the balance sheet and also the income statements so there’s tons of information you can look at and the script that I’ve done I’ve added the accounts payable in red and the cash and equivalents in green so if you look currently and now there’s so many numbers here with Apple but they have more obviously accounts payable than they do cash and equivalents just by looking at the chart you can tell that with this and you can always create your own scripts to be able to do that now if you’re curious how to create your own scripts in pond check out the tutorial series that I have on my channel and there’s a lot of great information to get you started on learning ponds so you can do that for yourself or if you’re interested you can always contact me and I might be able to help you create your own as well now let’s continue moving on after we did that they’ve also added some new exchanges essentially you’re going to be able to look at these exchanges and their data on tradingview they do this occasionally to where they’ve added more exchanges and they’ve honestly added some pretty big exchanges this time he’ll be Koo coin ok coin and okx those are all pretty big exchanges from well compared to some of the others I see here so it’s good to see all of those on here and if you follow them with social media they all seem to celebrate being added on to trading view as well now another thing that’s really interesting I think you have to be a premium member on trading view to get access to this feature for the second based resolutions but let’s go ahead and switch the chart that we were using earlier to Bitcoin and let’s remove these financial functions we don’t need these anymore and let’s change our resolution to one second so if you’re a Premium Member on trading view you can see one second candles you can see data and how the price is changed with candles in one second intervals so this is pretty pretty cool stuff I think but what’s even more cool is that you can actually do bar replay so you can see here how let’s painting new candles every second we can use the replay feature now to go back and replay based on these second based values so look it took us back to here and we can hit play and it’s gonna show how those candles were loaded in even on one second time frames this is really cool stuff in my opinion I’m not sure who’s gonna actually use this for what they’re doing I don’t know how many people have scripts based on second based intervals anything under one minute there’s pretty intense if you ask me I would probably never use that myself but if you are interested in that you can now and you can see the replays based on that and that’s that’s just crazy to think that this data is available to you and not only can you see it as it’s happening you can also go back and look at it again to play back and see how your indicators or your strategies would have acted as it happened but if you don’t have access to the second based intervals and you do want those and you’re considering actually upgrading to the paid plan please check out my profile and you can see all the stuff that we do here on the channel but you can also click into the description of this video on YouTube and you can see there is a furro link that will help you get $30 and me $30 towards an upgraded plan so if you want those second based resolutions you can actually do the referral plan and actually help get yourself to that paid plan now the other things that they’ve done they’ve come out with a little bit more information for you to help you learn about securing and protecting your account this is all pretty standard stuff using strong passwords using unique passwords that means not using the same one for all your applications personally I use a password manager to help me that way I do have different passwords for all of my major sites particularly sites that deal with financial information or the ability to move my money around in any way and they also have some other things that you can do to check for these things but most important let’s just have some common sense when it comes to these things and always keep up to date with what you’re doing and one of the good things that they did share here is these sites where you can check to see if you’ve already been hacked you can actually go and see if your password has been compromised anywhere based on your email or like a username that you can put into these sites it’ll tell you if your username or email shows up on a list anywhere as one that has had a password leaked and it can even show you potentially on some of these what the leaked password is if you’ve put it in to the list so I can’t remember which one that one actually is or if it’s another utility I’m thinking about that’s entirely different but definitely looking to see if your email has been included on a list before and if a password might have been included on a list is a good way to see exactly how sir how secure you are especially you’re using passwords on multiple well if you’re using a password on multiple sites even if you just use it on more than one it’s kind of a security risk now like I said I personally only do it on ones that have financial information or sensitive information if you’re just using this on a random site that you don’t really care about that you’re not buying anything from then doesn’t really matter too much but I still probably would tend to say that you should probably use a different password for every site now they’ve also given you the ability to extend lines for some more drawing tools such as the pitchfork a Fibonacci retracements and some other ones you can see the list of them here and really all you have to do is on the style choose to extend the lines so let’s actually go ahead and take a look at the Fibonacci retracement or the pitchfork it looks like I’ve already got the pitchfork up so let’s do that all right let’s go to its settings and choose extend lines so now you can see this pitchfork extends forward and backwards on the chart so where you can see all the lines and apparently you can also do this now with the Fibonacci retracements let’s see here is that let’s look at its settings and extend the lines left and also extend them right so that’s a really cool tool in my opinion you can now get these to cover pretty much your whole chart forward and backwards and that’s pretty much it for the last week in what’s new in trading view as I mentioned you can always check out my trading view profile we have tons of scripts that were working with here I do tutorial videos on those I also come up with other indicators that I like to share and if anybody needs something done in trading view I can also help you with that if you need it and you can’t quite get it done on your own with the tutorials I’d be willing to help you with that one as well if you have any questions just reach out now once you ask me to start getting to work for you then there might be some services that we can look into or I can help you but for the most part if you’re just seeking help on the tutorials I like to help out whenever I can but other than that I already also mentioned the referral program to help you get your thirty dollars towards your paid plan if you need to do that other than that if you liked this video please like i’m going to be doing more of these trading view update videos because honestly they have a lot of features coming out pretty often this has only been like a week to a week and a half since the last video and we already had like six different things to cover that we’re pretty important in my opinion and then also please subscribe to the channel because if you like that video and you like these updates you’re probably gonna want to subscribe to the channel so you can see more the updates in the future also do some other videos like i already mentioned about the pond script tutorials also talked about some crypto projects and kind of do some crypto news and ta as well just because that’s the kind of stuff that I like but other than that that’s it for now I’d like to thank you for watching the video and have a nice day [Music] [Music] [Music]

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