Publishing Trade Alert Responder – TradingView Live Stream – TA – Giveaway – 5-29-2020

Publishing Trade Alert Responder – TradingView Live Stream – TA – Giveaway – 5-29-2020

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alright hey everyone this is David for pig bits and today is May 29th of 2020 and we were going to be going over some of the changes that were made in the trade alert responder application over the last week since the 1.01 publish and hopefully later today we’ll have 1.02 available so first thing I want to do is just kind of show you all what’s going on what we’re looking like now and I would like to ask if you have any questions please go ahead and leave those in the chat and try and keep up with that as best as possible if you’re watching this after the stream is over with please leave a comment on the video and I can get back to you then or you can just always contact me on Twitter or on discord those are usually the best places to contact me directly now I need to pull up on my other screen here some information regarding what we’ve actually done I’m going to look at the commit history of the project and pull that up for you here okay and to figure out and I need to go back to so everything from after the 22nd is good so yep there’s our last release we have added an About section to the application let me pull it up show you this is the About section on the application itself you can see there’s several tabs and we’ll go over this a little bit more in just a moment a lot of the work went towards this particular section now we added a logs page control and that is for this particular one it will display the current logging information for the application so if there are new log messages added it’s gonna add those here and you’ll be able to see all those log messages and I believe in the past in the previous release we had the latest log message available down here and this is kind of expanding on that to allow you to see all of the messages and not just the most recent one hey Ellen what’s up alright so beyond that we also have a change in how the splash screen actually works and what was happening with the splash screen it just it was causing a lot of issues with threading I would open up the browser control and when the application would go to closed it would fail to close the browser because it was on a different thread so it would open it up with the UI thread but it would try to close it with a different thread or actually I think it’s the other way around it was opening another thread initially which initialized the control but it tried to shut it down with the UI thread but it couldn’t do that because in order for it to it correctly it had been on the same processing thread so there’s a little bit of technical stuff thoria as to why I actually changed the splash screen method I actually like the way it is now it’s actually easier I’m surprised I didn’t come across that code first now see I have kind of done some work on the plugins and we had talked about this I have added the name of it and I’ve also added a section for those great plugins to have their author name on here and also an author URL so if you click on this it should open up and it is it opened up my website but of course I had a 503 because the hosting service isn’t always the best there we go so got that going forward there were also some other minor changes as to the interface and I did a lot of work with testing plugins and I’ll show you some more about that in just a moment okay so other than that I changed the way some of this stuff works I you might be able to tell I changed some of the navigation how the layout actually works here I moved the shopping and the contribute buttons down here and they no longer actually open up a new tab over here what happens is if you click on the shopping it’ll actually take you to the website in your browser whatever your default browser is so it’s doing this I just clicked on it I was taking you there now I also have the contribute tab set to always pull up the info tab because it has the QR code and the address if you click on either of the QR code or the address it’ll take you to the block Explorer so you can see what’s going on with those addresses if they’ve actually received anything and there hasn’t been any mainly because they just haven’t been available publicly very long and hopefully we can get some people to either help as an author or as a contributor to the project because the plug-in system is coming along really well and it’s going to be able to work and the way that I anticipated I talked a little bit last week about the plugins potentially not working but I’ve done some testing with it I think it can work but there’s a little bit more adjusting that we actually have to do to get this to actually work as a correct plug-in system but you can see we have added our info page it has some information anything in this blue color is usually a link that you can click on so that would open my website and this would open up the project page on github and this is the location for all the files for the application locally so if you never need to find any of your data files or your settings files and need to troubleshoot any of that manually you can find that here I believe also the log files are also stored here as well we already talked about the logs I added a simple disclaimer this probably needs to be formatted a little bit better and I might also have to add like a tos or something like that and some privacy statements as well and of course this is a pre-release so if you’re using this hopefully you understand the risk and even though it’s not trading for you it can’t post for you if you use it in that manner so just keep that in mind and hopefully as things evolve we’ll have more to work with let me see if there’s anything else I actually need to cover then I’m missing before I show you the big thing there was an issue with the commit and that it didn’t want to build one of the pages but the codes completely fine let me pull up our alerts care section and we’ve went over before how you can add a new plugin by selecting the plug-in you want and then hitting the Add button and you can remove it by having it selected and hitting the remove button but we didn’t have it to where you could actually work with multiple plugins well at least with multiple plugins that weren’t already a part of the application itself and this alerts can test plug-in this is actually one that I created as a test plug-in to actually confirm that you can design your own plugins copy the dll put it into the correct folder for the application and load it in here so this is not actually a part of the application this is its own DLL and you can see it’s its own thing it just happens to load the same information because that’s just kind of how it is that’s how the settings are set up I should probably change it so it’s really more evident that it’s not doing the same thing but the only way could have been added to this drop-down as if it was a plug-in recognized by the system this isn’t hard-coded in so it’s actually recognizing this I’ll actually show you where we’re getting that from give me just a moment okay so this is the plugins folder you can see my app data plugins alert scanners and that is it here so what I’m actually going to do is I’m going to remove this let’s cut this and on my other screen I will paste it somewhere now let’s leave that folder up pull it over out of the way close this and yes there is an issue I have it set to throw an exception every time this happens but it should kind of ignore it when it’s actually running that’s mostly for debug purposes for me now let’s go ahead and pull up the application again and you should notice it does not have that plug-in as an option there you go so it doesn’t have to plug in and confirm that the folder is empty and what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to pull it back in and show you that it’s actually loading using the plug-in itself so there we go I copied it back in let’s close this ignore that start it back up and it should load to plug in with the other one itself now for those of you who’ve stuck around the giveaway is still going on for May it’s only got a couple days left I’m gonna be changing the question again after this particular live stream so hopefully you will have gained something from watching this live stream that will help you on the question that is in the giveaway I do like to change those periodically to give those of you who actually watch a pretty good chance to win now you can see it’s loaded the other plug-in here and we can add that as we needed to so that’s actually pretty exciting and I’m gonna take a little bit closer look at some of the code here because really this is about it well I did actually want to show you the alerts can test plugin it actually does create alerts you don’t by the way it’s designed you don’t have to actually be on the alert log like you do with the other one when you hit scan with this one it’ll just automatically create an alert every 10 seconds that way we can kind of test it out and make sure it actually sends the alerts back up to the application itself so we should be seeing one now every 10 seconds or so yeah so there’s one we should get another one here another few seconds yep so it happens at it happened at 31 seconds after so we should have one at 41 seconds that’s two seconds from now there you go so you can tell that the plug-in is actually working and it is firing the event to show for the application to show you that it received a new one and now we just gotta gotta get it working to where it will actually register that event to process to send out the information but the good news is that it is actually working it’s actually creating alerts and sending those back up and since that is possible we can fix everything else involved with it so that it will actually send out the information that we want and then once we get the alert action plugins added and you’ll be able to do whatever you want so I’m gonna go ahead and close this and we’re gonna take a little look at the code behind this to show you how this works and how I made the plug-in and we’ll be doing this going forward if well I will do a video on this going forward as how to create your own plugin if you ever want to do this eventually but what we have is I added a new project for a class library and it is not loaded into the github because I wanted to make sure that it is completely separate and what I did was I created the plug-in test and I did have to run some references well hold on I forgot I can do it like this so I did have to reference the core and the plug-in from the project so what’s gonna have to happen to create the plug-in as far as I understand you’re probably gonna have to clone the project code and add in your own project for your own plug-in reference the correct things like I did and create your class so with this particular class we extend upon the alerts can plug in itself we return the information that we need and as I said the URL was set to trading be calm you can see that here if I wanted to change that I could do that by changing the URL value here that it returns and there was an option for custom HTML I think we mentioned that last week there is also use the browser scanning this will require that whatever code is in the browser is scanned to return the data and that’s just how it knows whether to use this scanning method or this scanning method and since its browsing since it’s using the browser to scan it has to accept the source data this is the one that it’s going to call because passing in the source information from that and it also has to have the root element ID so that you can search for it like that and that’s part of the the interface itself so you can’t really get around this yeah and this is another thing that we had to account of reference was the alert scan result it’s part of that core namespace where we had the alerts this is just another small class and we tell it that the source is valid that essentially just means that yes you can use this alert system this is mainly designed for if you’re scanning a website and it’s missing the elements that you would expect here you would return false but since we’re not actually scanning it we don’t have to look for it we’re just gonna tell it it’s true then we have to return the ASR the alerts can result so the other part of the alerts can result is a list of alerts so if we receive more than one alert we could send a whole list of alerts back and we define our new alert here we just give it a random ID and a note and we have to set the time on alert now this is important to know that the ID and the time on alert are required for it to be able to work as was your alerts we will not show up and then on the test list we add the new alert and then for the scanning results for the alerts that were scanned we send back that entire list so what’s happening is when it does scan it’s gonna send back one new alert every time and the reason it was sending back one every 10 seconds it was because the delay between our scan was set to 10,000 milliseconds which is 10 seconds so hopefully this makes a lot more sense and all we had to do once I added this project in was I ran a clean and then a build and then I opened the bin location for this particular project and the DLL that it generated I was able to just copy that move it into the plug-in folder and it worked perfectly so it’s actually really exciting to get that to actually work and hopefully should enable a lot of stuff going forward there just the fact that the plug-in system works is a huge step forward for the application itself very excited about that if there’s anything else about the project it really wasn’t a ton of stuff done this week although it is coming along very nicely I just want to pull the application back up again I like seeing it I love the splash screen because it’s my intro to my videos once the forum itself is loaded it will end up in the splash screen and pop up to the scanning section itself so I’m gonna try and think out loud here a few things that we can actually add I need to change this to where it is also dark and it matches the theme same goes for the settings and also for the video section now what I would also like to do beyond just kind of making these dark and I kind of lost my train of thought here but beyond making them dark what else was I going to do oh yeah that goes back to the settings so what I would like to have eventually is that the discord and Twitter are their own plugins and it’s gonna be difficult because you have to save your settings like you have to have your token ID for your discord bot you have to have you know four or five different encrypted strings for your Twitter settings so what’s gonna have to happen is I’m gonna have to change the plugins to where they will return a user control in WinForms which essentially when we click this button would open up the user control from the plug-in and then the plug-in itself would be responsible for managing the settings for itself so that’s actually somewhat confusing and for things like discord it would be nice if there was only one instance running at a time but if you wanted multiple alert actions to happen at once like if you wanted to do multiple discords ideally the way it would work from this kind of modular design is you would just have two different discs or plug-ins for the actions and once your alert gets hit and your settings for discord for each of your loaded discord plugins are set to fire then you would do that but I think what’s actually gonna happen is there’s actually just gonna be a list and the settings would have to be changed to where they would accept a list of bought IDs and have to open up a new instance of discord for each one so in that case it might not be the best idea to set it up to do that whereas other applications it’s really easy to do like Twitter because you have these API keys you don’t have to maintain a persistent connection with Twitter like you do with discord with this court you kind of have to remain connected in a way that way it knows that the bot is online and Twitter you don’t really have to do that you’re just gonna have to pass in your credentials and sign the request correctly and it will actually work so there’s a lot of things still to figure out but I am 100% confident they will be figured out and once we get the alert scan plugins working to where we can modularly create methods to scan for plugins and we get like the notifications and like discord and Twitter working with it then at that point I would like to move forward towards doing the actual alert action plugins so that’s people can actually get started with that and then we can start just developing plug-ins for your scanning methods and your actions and it should I believe the project at that point should take off pretty quickly as far as people actually being interested in it because at that point in time we could potentially build automated trading with it using the alerts accepting the alert coming in to the action the action could process the alert to actually make an order on exchange for you so it’s pretty interesting stuff to check out hopefully everything works as anticipated but it’s all coming along really nicely if you have any questions please contact me directly if you’re interested are working on the project you can always find it on github let me pull that back up actually oh cool it didn’t break that time wonderful where was the get of it here we go so you can find the project under the big bits IO organization you can find some of the other ones but if you click on trade alert responder you can find all the code there if you’re interested in the release later you can just go to the release section there should be a new one if you had the application installed before it’ll tell you there’s an update available and hopefully this time you won’t have to uninstall and reinstall hopefully it’ll just kind of update itself when you install the new version as opposed to requiring the uninstall first that will we’ll see I think that’s mostly me trying to figure out how to actually get it to work and the version number because of that might not be 1.0 point to it might be like one point 0.5 as I play around with the releases to try and figure out how to actually get that to work correctly so we’ll be having that coming soon all right oh I did forget to mention I did set up some of the code for doing the web hooks so once we get around to that point all we have to do is call our web request method and it’ll send the message out to the web hook and since we’ll be able to save a list of web hooks or however the alert action is gonna work you can actually have it to where it’ll do multiple web hooks at once as opposed to other alert systems that would only send out a single web hook this could actually act as a way to send out multiple so if you wanted multiple BOTS to receive a web hook but then you could do that with this so that is also very exciting so I’m gonna actually be done with that on the stream now and go ahead and take a little bit of a look at some charts here are they real this is the hourly chart let me switch back to a 4-hour chart and bitcoin has been doing really well what I’m looking at right now are these moving averages it seems like it’s doing like a fake-out on this moving average crossover and it continues to climb back up it’s gonna be interesting to see if it tries to prevent this moving average cross over it’s probably going to have to continue going up a little bit as you can see it’s the 200 moving average goes all the way back here so it’s continuing to replace lower prices with higher prices so it’s going to continue to go up the 50 is going to have to really go up because it’s currently replacing higher prices with lower prices that means that it’s gonna be a little bit easier for it to go down as opposed to the 200 currently so Bitcoin dumps it’s gonna be easy for the crossover to happen the one’s gonna have to pump pretty hard to actually come back up prevent that and that’s kind of what I anticipated earlier and the week on the last live stream I was looking at the chart and what I was kind of expecting was that let’s look here at the daily British stuff actually I wanted to show the Bollinger Bands here had the names of them so the line that I drew on the daily is like awesome okay very rarely do these lines that I draw line up so well but this one has been really well and a lot of that had to do with the fact that we were already coming down here I figured the price would continue to go down and usually it stays low for several candles and then it’ll come back up and my thinking was that we would have a strong finish to the month and that’s because there’s some pretty important closes coming up to the end of the month here and actually let me change this because I don’t want to see the SPX right now okay so this is our daily chart and you can see a lot better now we never did come back down to the moving averages and we never did hit the lower band I was kind of hoping we would because I was honestly looking to buy some there personally the price rebounded rather quickly which is what I was hoping and as for today I’m hoping that this is a signal that it’s gonna try and turn the mid band into support again and then bounce and continue up towards the end of the month which is right here now the end of the month is pretty important because well let’s first go to the weekly and then I’ll show you why the monthly is important the weekly is looking really nice you can see the 50 week moving average is kind of holding as support and as I mentioned last week the upper band and the lower band are both kind of lining up nicely to curve upward so that if the price were to come up and hit the upper pants it would be really easy for it to ride up in a fairly natural way as opposed to if the bands were heading down sharply and in order to hit them so that looks really well to me let me actually look at the other indicators for this one yeah so it does still have momentum going up on all of the other indicators which is really good although they are starting to get a little high it’s very possible that it continued to run now the monthly chart which is the one I was telling you about that I was really interested in for this particular finish removed that is this and you can see we had that very bearish month like candle butter had the huge wick and then it had a golfing and monthly candle and now what we really want to see at least in my opinion is that this candle at least close above this one and in order to do that we have to have the month of close fairly solid let’s see where did this one open 9334 we’re currently about $100 above that so we need the prices to stay about where they are now ideally they would come up further so the kind of target that I have was the 9800 again so let’s go back to the monthly and see where that would put it 9,800 would be up here so it would also engulf above that one and just be very strong and the other indicators if it were to finish strong would also look well so the momentum would be turning on a stochastic the smooth RSI would still be moving upward it just turned on the previous month and the stochastic RSI may find a bottom on this particular month if it holds strong and you might also get a MACD crossover to the bullish side so hey Gerald what’s up just kind of talking some ta right now looks like my stats on the YouTube live are wrong I haven’t noticed yeah you hooked coming by the viewercount hasn’t been correct so if you got any questions just let me know I’ve already talked about the trade alert responder some I’m just kind of going over some ta right now a lot of the stuff I talked about last week alright let me switch back into the daily turn the Bollinger Bands back on and take a look at aetherium it’s been doing really well it is at the top of its Bollinger Bands on the daily momentum is up on everything it’s got a bullish MACD it’s on its upper bands I mean it just looks really bullish on the daily chart like it could very easily ride the bands for a while and this isn’t usually the time that I would buy it though because the risk is higher for me right here then I would like it’s like a look at this is something weekly so this looks really good as well it’s finding hopefully finding support on the 50 week or the 100 week excuse me it’s also been holding above the mid band on the weekly and also reclaimed the 50 week moving average recently so you could see it very likely heading up to the 200 week moving average which is around 250 for which I strangely enough is some of the calls that I’ve seen some other people make recently for aetherium is around 250 for and with the momentum it has I could very well see that actually happening it’s got a lot of room on the weekly chart to move up as well I might take a look at the monthly so we’re starting to get some forecasting on here now so the monthly looks alright if it finishes strong like we talked about with Bitcoin then the momentum on these will look like they’re going up much better than it currently does it kind of looks like it’s trying to top on the momentum these particular indicators but I don’t I’m not necessarily buying that and hello city if you got any questions just let me know ma’am but I think there’s definitely room a lot of room on aetherium here in their coming weeks but as I mentioned I don’t like to buy unless the indicators are low a lot of people wait for the momentum if I were to have done that I probably would have bought around here so I usually like to just DCA when they’re really really low let’s take a look at it versus Bitcoin because since it’s doing so well versus the USD it should be hopefully bouncing vs. Bitcoin as well and I know recently here in the last week or so it’s out pasted it this is the monthly chart so let’s go down to the daily so yeah it did find kind of a bottom there for May that is back on the 15th and it’s been coming up ever since then it’s testing some pretty key moving averages it’s already rejected off of the 50 but it consolidated up near resistance and is testing both of them now it breaks out above that he continued to move up from there so it’s looking very well at momentum everything is really bullish looking for it versus Bitcoin as well so if it if it comes back up above it really no telling how high it could actually go but if you kind of look at the trends it could get stopped kind of short so just be mindful of that I would what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna look at this trend line later on and if it breaks through that then there’s really no telling how high can they actually go I mean it could start moving back and reclaiming some of this stuff and it just so happens I’m noticing that that red line kind of happens to line up with some of the former support here for where we’re at right now so that’ll also be interesting to check out alright zoom back in did I take a look at this on the weekly yet I don’t think so okay so yeah very similar here on the weekly although momentum could be changing here and you could target like a moving average here on the weekly for the potential upside on it which could also kind of coincide with the resistance from these former supports as well alright let’s look at like coin Wow that’s interesting looks like all three the moving averages are right around here which usually when that occurs and you’ll notice right here I believe they were probably really close back here if we had a chart with some more history maybe you can see the 200 back here but it looked like they were all three what’s been around there it went through there if it comes back up which it seems to be getting a little bit more momentum it could potentially come back up and retest those really soon and that’s a little weekly let’s take a look at the monthly I like this one definitely doesn’t have enough history but the 50 is probably in through here somewhere momentum is kind of down on the monthly so like definitely not looking as good as a theorem was APJ has been a while since I’ve seen you I’m actually working on a utility kind of like this right now if you’ve seen the first part of the video I’m developing some software called trade alert responder that’s kind of name I’ve got for it now but essentially I am creating an application that will have the ability to have plugins so where people can design their own alert monitor and so you can monitor whatever they code it to and in this case if you wanted to monitor a telegram chat it could potentially monitor a telegram chat if it had access to like the API and stuff and then using an alert action plug-in that somebody would have to develop to trade it could process your alert based on your settings for the action and potentially place a trade for you so I’m actually kind of working on something like that but as for something already I’m not really sure about that you might be able to find something that would send like a web hook out for you there might be some telegram monitoring bots that would do something like that but I’m not too familiar with telegram I don’t know I had actually started working on a plugin for telegram to actually send out the alerts but I ran into some trouble with that so I just kind of gave up on it for now focus on some of these other ones now the litecoin bitcoin ratio now this is interesting so it looks like it is trying to find support on the monthly and it really isn’t a whole lot of indication on where it could be other than potentially back here around 3.2 thousand Satoshi which in that case as everything looks pretty bearish here on its Bitcoin chart maybe it could visit those levels and in that case I would probably be looking to buy because this is about where the indicators are when I would like to buy for myself when I look at these longer-term charts if I see something that has hit zero on both stochastic and stochastic RSI and then hits zero again not long after that it’s usually in my opinion for me a very good opportunity to dca in at that point and that’s the monthly chart so let’s take a look at the weekly versus Bitcoin so very well could see something similar to that here on the weekly chart I’m not terribly convinced it’s gonna come back up to the 50 week so you might get kind of a jump up and then it come back down like it looked like on the monthly chart and then at that point maybe that would be the bottom and it would be a good buy this for the daily chart it is also not very good it’s got some things going for it but the the best thing that it’s got going for it is Bitcoin into theory I’m doing well right now kind of pulling up the whole market yeah I’ve looked at electrons some it I came across it when I did some research for what I’m doing because I think somebody in one of the communities that I’m in on social media actually developed that one I’m pulling it up now yeah yeah I’ve seen this one before so the way that alert of truant works is it’s well at least from what I understand just about looking at is it receives the alert from the webhook so what’s gonna make the trade alert respond are different than something like alerted Ron is that it’s a client based application like some of the stuff I’ve done before so you’re not gonna be looking for a web hook for it to receive so you’re gonna have to scrape the data or receive it through an API calling for the data periodically you’re not gonna be waiting for someone to send it to you because you’re a client application but it also gives you a lot of flexibility because the way I’m designing it as open source software will give somebody the ability to create their own method to search for alerts and also their own method to actually send out trades or react to these alerts and currently I have it just sending updates to like discord or Twitter to let people know we’ve got an alert but ideally in the future you could use the alert to actually create a plugin that will actually trade for you on Pro on platforms like that yeah as far as to send your telegram alert to alert at Ron you will have to look for something that will send the webhook for you whenever something happens in telegram I’m just gonna Google this real quick see if I can find anything because that’s actually pretty interesting [Music] [Music] so it looks like this would be possible but I’m not sure if there’s something out there that already does this I think what you’re looking for is a bot I’m not sure if there’s some place where you can find a telegram bot but from what I understand I think your telegram bot can do that if it’s obviously program to I don’t know maybe that’s one of those things that will get resolved what I’m working on or maybe there’s something out there I just can’t find but I didn’t find anything immediately on Google so you might want to try looking through like some directories for BOTS to see if you can find one that actually has the features you need say well okay I’ll look at basic attention token versus USD its daily chart is something else now posted the other day that it had a lot of potential and it really did the momentum was starting to break up word for it on the daily chart is somewhere around back here then while minam was starting to break up word and on the smaller timeframes it looked really well they look really good as well I mean it’s just trading it’s such a tight channel it’s kind of wild to actually look at the chart to see how tight it’s actually traded there hasn’t really been very many wild swings other than this particular period and even then it quickly returned back into whatever channel it was in but as long as it remains above the moving averages and the momentum is going up it looks like the MACD is gonna cross up it still has the potential it’s just kind of frustrating but I have a lot of confidence in basic attention token you can see even if you bought now the majority of price action it’s probably above it but if you’d been DCA at the low points as I have I’m fairly happy with where it’s at right now honestly on a weekly chart this is the part that kind of confuses me on a lot of these is because on the weekly chart they are going up so slowly and it honestly looks a lot like the S&P chart to where it’s just kind of coming up slowly your momentum is barely going up and that’s a pretty low slope for momentum on stochastic and even it’s cascara side that’s a pretty slow a pretty pretty small slope upward on your momentum especially for the a stochastic RSI and then it looked like it was gonna top when we had the red candle but just like the S&P its momentum shot up quickly so it’s something to watch I’m not necessarily convinced it’s actually gonna break out but who knows this one’s kind of confusing me lately I’m not too confident on how I would trade this if I had to right now and a lot of that has to do with you know we’re at resistance but momentum is going up but it’s at the same time you’re pretty much right in the middle of the entire history of price action so what are you really gonna do here it’s not really a good place to get in in my opinion anywhere in either direction just a moment all right so that’s the weekly I will take a look at the monthly this one actually looks pretty good for what I look for so we’ve been low and as long as the month finishes strong it’s gonna look like momentum wants to continue up and particularly the stochastic RSI just looking at it with another green month here at the end of it it’s going to most likely look like that on the next month and that is either going to come straight back up with the momentum and price is gonna continue to go up or you’re gonna get something like that and either way it’s gonna be good eventually here let’s see it could go bad I mean it could range I mean that’s all it would really do honestly until the end of the year if it did that and then it could go up and you could actually see it back around a dollar then who knows and I posted somewhere the other day that based on the ratio for basic attention token versus Bitcoin if bitcoins who were to reach 30,000 which is a pretty reasonable target if it were to break its all-time highs basic attention token would reach anywhere from one to three dollars if it were to return to its higher ratio values and speaking of its ratio values let’s go ahead and take a look at that on the monthly chart see it’s ratio spiked all the way up there around what is that nine point mm Satoshi’s I don’t know we’ll ever get back up that high but if even if it comes back to some of these lower high levels like five point two or five point three thousand Satoshi’s that’s really good it’s Bitcoin were to hit thirty thousand or higher so that’s why I’m looking for potentially one two three dollars in the next few years on basic attention token all right this is versus bitcoins this is another reason well I’m really interested in it is that it’s worth a few alts that didn’t really spike versus Bitcoin recently but it still kind of stayed in this tight lower range in its entire history versus Bitcoin so when it does pop hopefully it’s gonna be something like this but you can also still probably expect something like that before it does so I’m just gonna keep that in mind but I mean it does look like an extended bottom which is an accumulation face and I have been accumulating so hopefully it works out for me alright let’s look at the daily the versus Bitcoin this one’s got a little bit more action I don’t know why I typed it in I was already on there so it’s also fighting resistance although the momentum is down now so that’s probably not good for versus ratio now this does serve as an actual bottom then maybe it only comes back to revisit these lows since then and before it turns around and hopefully starts coming back up but of course that’s yet to be seen so I’ll try think if there’s anything else I actually want to look at right now killing a triple I haven’t looked at it in a long time at least not that I can remember all right versus USD wow I dropped all the way down to ten cents that’s that probably would have been a about like most things at that time but it is facing that cluster momentum the this one’s kind of sending mixed signals I wouldn’t touch it kind of like basic nature token right now I wouldn’t touch it I don’t know why I’m doing that I want to look at the weekly this is similar although it’s got room to move – it’s moving averages as momentum picked back up their monthly chart I see if I can’t find a better one Polonia X there you go monthly chart I mean it does look kind of like accumulation but it’s still kind of early on in it if this one does break I mean it’s gonna break and you see it going down quite a bit to three cents potentially and in that case I would probably buy ripple for the first time because it’s it’s been low for a long time if it does break up they’ve got enough people on that bandwagon that the price is gonna bounce at that level I think let’s a look versus Bitcoin for that one that is bad let me pull up plotting X because and that’s more history that chart just looks terrible okay so this makes a little bit more sense and that’s just bad versus Bitcoin and you’re gonna hope to find a bottom down here but you’re in the range to where you’re probably looking for your risk to reward here and you’re thinking it might be good but I think it’s gonna flush and have a short bounce because it has been low for a long time like the weekly see if that makes the picture any clearer same thing although it’s looking like it could potentially come back up for a little bit all I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of it shooting back down either right after that and the daily momentum is down and it looks pretty clear down other than the MACD so a long-term ripple looks like it’s potentially in a good good spot to DCA I’ve never bought it so it’s gonna have to take it’s crashing one way or the other getting that kind of flush of capitulation before I would consider buying it because I’m not convinced that where it’s at right now is gonna hold but I am convinced if there is a capitulation period that it is going to bounce because there’s too many people in it who are gonna try and buy more to bail themselves out I mean could you imagine go back to it versus the US dollar here just could you imagine having bought this when it was super expensive they got up to $3 didn’t it yeah it almost got up to $4 that is insane ripple was almost $4 and you know it’s having a hard time now staying above fifteen cents ten fifteen cents that’s brutal you got to hope for something like that again but man Ripple’s market cap just exploded when that happened and it was getting really high it was ridiculous so there’s just like no need for it to be that huh at that time all right so I think that’s all I’m gonna do for now I’ve been on here for long enough I’ve used up all my available time I didn’t realize I’m probably a couple minutes over what I probably should have done but later on here I’m going to be posting the updated question on the giveaway so for anyone who’s actually keeping up with that you can check out that updated later I’m also gonna be publishing the new version of the trade alert responder and let’s see I will soon be making videos for that once we get enough progress on it but hopefully you won’t have to uninstall manually to install the new version hopefully it’ll just update for you but what is gonna happen is I am gonna post a link to the new release and it’ll also include that test plugin DLL if you want to try that if you watch the video earlier so follow on twitter or also join the discord server because i will be pinging everyone when that is available but other than that thank you everyone for sticking around for the stream and for those of you who actually ask questions I really appreciate that if you all can leave a like on this stream that would help a whole lot otherwise if you haven’t already please subscribe and have a great day everyone you

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