Publishing Trade Alert Responder – Discussing Custom Indicators – TA – Giveaway

Publishing Trade Alert Responder – Discussing Custom Indicators – TA – Giveaway

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hey this is David for big pits I’m gonna start this stream we’re gonna be doing several things here probably gonna get started by showing you all the new trade alert responder updates that I’ve added in I’m going to be publishing that live on the stream hopefully everything goes smoothly and we’ll have a new version but I’ve added a lot of stuff into it over the last week since the first pre-release and now we are going to do the second pre-release hopefully this is kind of like a weekly build type thing for development testing I had a lot of good ideas come up throughout the week have a lot of core functionality added over the last week so there’s a lot of good things going on or I just can’t wait to show you and that being said I’m going to go ahead and start my debugger and I’ll let you see what it looks like before we publish it I don’t think the splash screen was on there last time either so you the splash screen was the logo kind of spinning and here we go here is the new look to the application it’s a very different than what it was before but you’ll notice there’s actually quite a bit going on here we have the title and version at the top we have the link to the website just a moment okay sorry about the interruption I already talked about the name and the title and we also have the link to the website but we also have all the other tabs that were there before but you’ll notice the main difference is on our trading view tab that’s what it was called originally I now have some new stuff going on here you notice there’s a drop down and there there is also a add and subtract button now what is going on down here this is the scanner and I have made these kind of modular so there’s a bunch of unique things about it now and if you’re interested in the code of course it’s all open source but what I’m going to be doing right now is I’m actually going to be showing you who kind of just how it works so there are some default settings for these scanners once I develop more scanning methods we’re gonna add those into this drop-down and then you select the one that you want you’ll hit add and you’ll notice it added another scanner here so it’s actually really cool I’m pretty happy about how that works and there’s a few settings regarding the scanner that you’re working with and one of which is the name so the name will show up here there is also an associated starting URL which is the home button when you click the home button it’s gonna take you to starting URL so I just clicked on NASDAQ and this particular scanner has a starting URL of trading be calm it’ll take us back to training view now the little search button here that just starts the scan now right now the scanner is not gonna pick up anything because it needs the alert log to be present I’m not even currently logged in so you’re not gonna see that right now and then you click on it again it’ll actually stop scanning but it’s scanning for all the information we’ve done before and I’ve added some new things as well but another really cool thing is whatever tab we have selected for our scanner we hit – it just takes it away and we can go down to zero something that’s pretty cool as well and this all was actually quite a bit of work to get going to make this kind of modular so that I can develop something that is also another type of scanner but for some other location or something different on training view to create alerts then we load it in to the scanning tabs here it’ll be have its own tab it’ll have its own search button its own home button if it applies it’ll show its name and based on whatever you have in there it’ll scan I even have an option to where we can enable custom HTML instead of loading a web page you could load up custom HTML and this is probably most likely for scans that probably wouldn’t be scanning anything on the web so the example you’re looking at here is essentially just a web scraping tool we’re going through on the website on training view and looking at the alert log and scraping the information we need out of there but what we are going to do with some of these like if we were going to do a slack scan or Twitter scan we don’t necessarily have to go to the Twitter website and refresh we can use their API in the backend using some new get packages with c-sharp and we can actually pull that information directly from their API we can even search for keywords and things like that so that is an example of a type of that could use some custom HTML and you could just have it say you know scanning Twitter whatever so some really neat things that we can do here not I know I mentioned I kind of wanted this to be like a plugin system where you can load your own dll’s in here but after looking at it some depending on how the scans are done that might not be the best solution but since it is open source if you were to develop plugin all you would have to do is add it in a pool request and it would be one of the built-in classes and it could be added very easily just with the pool request and it would have access to all the other core libraries that the application is using that i’ve developed and i also have added a status a well the most recent message so what we’re doing with the application is when it loads up we actually have a file that contains log messages from the application though there’s not very many log messages right now but I’m trying to pull this up so I can show you just a moment so this is our app data folder for this application and you’ll notice there’s several different folders within here and our logs are gonna be stored here and if we open up our logs we get this from the other page here you’ll notice there’s just a few things going on here here we can also pass in error messages exceptions that are thrown by the application warnings and information and also just debugging information as well so if we wanted to debug something we could just log it in debug mode or at the debug level and we would only show it if we were using the debug mode in the application itself so that’s something that’s actually really cool and whatever the latest log status is latest log messages it’ll show up down here so if you you just got an error when you did something it’ll show up down here and those are actually color coded and it would be red if it was an error now the info messages are teal the warnings I think are orange and the error messages are red yeah I think that’s all of them there’s only four built in different levels now let’s see that has most of the stuff covered now I need to actually close the application itself and I want to show you that we do have a version checker setup so I have a hard coded version value right now and when we run the application it’s going to use this hard-coded value and it’s going to check it versus what is in github if the hard-coded value doesn’t match the release the latest release version and github it’s going to give us an update message and you’ll see that here in just a second but I when you hover over it it makes it pretty clear that it’s supposed to be a link you click on it and it will take you to the latest release so we’re gonna actually be publishing another release here version 1.0 point 1 most likely and from there we’ll double check our update process and make sure it works so let’s go ahead and close this we see if there’s anything else that might be missing and I need to undo those changes although we will be going back and changing it to version 1.0 point one point zero point one excuse me okay so I added a project called core web request and this is what’s going to allow us to do the unlimited multi hook stuff essentially when you get an alert you can set it to where it will be able to send several web hooks as opposed to just the one that you would get with most alert services and we’re going to come up with a settings form or class to create the code for this so that we can actually allow you to save multiple web hooks or we’re going to have to put it in how we actually parse the data out of the alert and you would probably be able to define it however you want it that way all right so everything’s looking good need to take another look at the code now I did start working on the alert action plug-in but as I mentioned I think this one is really gonna have to be something that is actually developed within the application it can be based off of this interface that I created but I doubt it’s gonna be a plug-in just because it’s gonna rely on other libraries and I don’t know if that’s really what needs to be done here and I’m still kind of contemplating that we’ll see how things go when we actually get around to implementing some of this stuff but we’ve got a lot of great stuff going on I did also update the mapping for the memory mat file so where’s that as that is here and essentially what was happening before we were mapping the list of alerts that were coming in but the issue with that was it didn’t it only used the most recent one so I had to make it to where it would actually add the list of alerts to the memory-mapped file so that other applications could access all of the alerts that it’s generating and by default is just going to add the alerts from the last hour within there I’ve had some other ideas for alerts I’ve been thinking about doing like a peer to peer alert system which is I don’t know if anyone else is doing that but essentially will allow people to enter onto this alert network and once they join in they will have access to all of the other alerts and they can choose to perhaps subscribe to particular person’s alerts and this is going to be eerily similar to blockchain because we’re not gonna have a login system I’m not gonna code a web application just to make it to where we can log in and authorize what’s gonna happen is we’re most likely going to use some encryption methods to allow people to create their own unique public identifiers they’ll have their own private key and once these encrypt they’ll be able to prove that they own that particular alert and that they are unique so even if somebody has the same name their public identity the public cryptographic identity is gonna separate them from the others on the network and that was an idea that just came to me today hopefully that’ll actually work out but that’s a ways away I’ve added it to our projects list but for now I think it’s time to actually try to publish this thing and see if it’ll actually work so I need to go to our constants I need to update our version we’re gonna be burning version 1.0.1 now we go to our installer project we also need to make sure that we update the installer project the version on it because if you do not do that how long is it that the product code we changed yes we want the product code change that way it’ll know that it is an update so you have to do this so that it’ll know that it’s an actual update itself plus so that the version checking will actually work when we go to run that when the application loads so right now I’m going to clean the entire solution that’s going to get rid of all the temporary files and stuff that basically allowing it to start from scratch we’re gonna rebuild it and this is just building the files that it’s going to use it doesn’t mean it’s actually going to run the application right now okay so we’ve got all of our files let’s check the install actually I like to do this just to make sure and it did not update those so I’m probably got to manually build that one you all right so oops or you will rebuild this one I’ll see if that updates anything I also probably need to change this to release mode delete the local files switch this over to lease save those changes and build it’s been a long time since I’ve done these setup projects so I’m probably gonna have a few issues you can see it should be publishing here and it should be making an MSI file setup file is just going the setup.exe is gonna run the setup ten minutes I saw tada there we go so now I will try to install this and make sure that it will actually update the installed version that I have okay bring that over it open to death on my other monitor I would like to see some progress but once we install this if everything works correctly I’ll pull it up and if it’s running completely fine what’s gonna happen is we are going to add the release to get up and then we can run locally and check the version checker again so let me go back to my de monitor to bring this up and you’re not getting to see it come up because it’s on the other screen just a moment I didn’t update correctly so it’s still showing this for some reason and I have no idea why it should not be using the old form anymore this probably has something to do with the date method I really do not enjoy these set of projects they are not very fun okay so there’s actually two versions it didn’t get rid of the old version I think that’s actually a setting in the project itself so I need to go and actually find this well there it is it open it up on that strain although I did not like for it to do that okay so I’m just going to uninstall the newest version that installed and we’re just going to rebuild the setup project hopefully we can find the setting that we need to adjust it correctly so I still have the 1.0.0 trade alert respond alert responder installed previous versions I did not have that enabled so let me come back over here and open up our release folder again and I’m going to be deleting those and we’re going to rebuild then we’ll run the installer again and see if it’ll actually remove the old version this time you oh it’s done well yeah it’s done all right just like last time we brought it up on the screen show you here so hopefully it removed the old version this time and will be using the new version loading the splash screen and that’s not good it’s still showing the old form that is unfortunate I probably shouldn’t changed the product code that might have been the issue okay so for this particular week I’m gonna have to just uninstall and reinstall the new package and hopefully that’ll work okay it’s got it removes now let’s run the installer again all right see if that helped at all so that worked and we are now using the newest version as it is installed on the computer now that we have our files what’s gonna happen is I’m gonna close this and we are going to go to github and we are going to update the release now the tag version is what we’re using for the version number itself so that’s gonna have to be 1.0.1 and I probably need to go back and copy pretty much everything else from this rename the title and then we will take this and I will add a little note you I just need to add our files and we should be good publish our release it also make sure that it is marked as a pre-release I love my fiber internet but 84 mega might upload took like one second or two seconds okay I think we are good I really only have the one branch which is the master branch so that’s nothing to worry about right now do you want to double-check okay that is accurate okay so those are publicly available now if you want to test the new version there you go all you got to do is go to github and look for the new release and you’ll have it now the only other thing I really want to do with this is I would really like to double check that we are going to have our version checker working so when I do this locally it’s gonna be checking github and it should be a version behind locally even though it’s the same code hey there we go it’s what we expect to see so now I need to close this change it back and confirm that it is actually matching the correct version and since this was what was included when it was published this is what you should see as well and that happens sometimes with the debugger here we go that’s not showing that anymore because we have updated our released version in our code there we go I’m kinda surprised there are more people on the stream today just the last couple times I’ve had these sort of spontaneous live streams we’ve had a few people show up at least and join the chat that addameer the pyramid anyone today just kind of unfortunate I was hoping some people would show up maybe it’s just not a good time most of the views for my channel seem to come around this time of the day but maybe people are too busy to actually interact or dedicate to a live stream that’s that they can’t actually just sit there and pause and consume at their own pace unless they come back later I hope they’re just gonna come back later they probably don’t want to watch it all at once now so we’ve got that published it’s done we need to commit our changes to github and then it will be completed you sink it which will actually send stuff out to get up so now our code should be updated in github I can bring that up just to show you what you can kind of look for if you’re curious so when you see a project on github and you want to see when something’s been updated it’ll show you the latest commits up here but you can also see what files were kind of impacted at a glance just by looking at this to see what time matches that you can see the installer project was updated 23 seconds ago and so is the core project now you can also click on commits and you can see much more detailed information on what was actually changed so let’s click on this one about the log meshes and it’ll actually show you what changes were actually made to the code itself so I moved the logs to the roaming app data folder instead of the local app data folder so they would be with all the other folders in the application I’ve added several files when they’re all green that makes you added them changed a few things but you can see exactly what has changed on every single commit which is basically just when the developer commits a change into the codebase so they’ve been working on the code they think it’s good enough to kind of save permanently so they will add it in here now there are options of course with github and the get method to kind of remove some of this stuff a lot of people use branches to get around that but since it’s just me I don’t have to worry about that right now okay wow we’ve got that done and if you wanted to find the releases anyway you can just come here on the get up page I’m trying to think if there is anything else with this code that I was working with right now I don’t think so cool I’m gonna close it now we can actually look at trading view and I can share with you all some of the stuff that I’m kind of looking towards working on so give me just a moment let me pull up my live stream chart so this is pretty cool this is a one-second resolution or a five-second excuse me I was working on one second I must have checked the five second right before I got done this is a one second resolution chart and I was working on this because I had the idea to add custom intervals between your alerts and trading view so for example you can only have alerts up to every minute with the default settings and trading view but I think I found a way around that which I’m pretty excited to share I’m probably gonna be doing a video about this soon so where you can get alerts for pretty much anything very quickly and pull up the script it’s actually loaded onto the chart and that’s all it is what is going on is it is checking the current time and then for a given period of time and in this one it’s five seconds it’s gonna check every five seconds if you’re alert conditions are met and it’s gonna fire an alert and it’s gonna save the timestamp for this alert now after that on the very next candle since this is a one second it’s not gonna qualify for this so it’s not gonna fire an alert so it can’t fire an alert unless it’s on every fifth second so this could be that but I think we could improve this by making it any second after five seconds but there’s also another option that I’ve added and that is the delay so we added a 20-second delay between alerts so if the last alert occurred 10 seconds ago we would have to wait another 10 seconds for there to be an alert now I don’t really know why people would need to use this too much maybe you’re doing some sort of high-frequency hey Gerald but this was a requirement I’ve worked with on another application for someone who wanted to kind of trade quickly it led astray but yeah this was a requirement on another application I worked on where the person wanted to have alerts only fire every so often and they also wanted a delay between them so I’ve actually coded this into c-sharp before and this is kind of me porting that over into pine script and I’ll show you kind of how this one works let me just second now we are on a one-second chart and this works best with a one-second chart because it’s going to allow you to process every bar and let me show you what I mean using this script so when you set your alert you have four options you can choose only once which will only fire the alert once you can choose once per bar close so that will essentially be the same thing as once per bar when you’re on a one-second chart there’s really not much time on these bars so for our case we’ll consider these the same thing but if you’re looking at a one-hour chart this will only scan at the end of the hour on that chart whereas once per bar would scan at any point within that candle or within that bar by hold on I’m gonna get to this but on once per minute what it does is it will scan at any point within the hourly candle but it’s only going to allow you to a fire and alert every minute so if we’re whatever reason you want alerts within one minute of each other this will be able to do that because we are going to choose once per bar and I suppose you could also choose once per bar close we’re gonna be looking at a one-second chart and I’m just gonna have it show a pop up to show you how this actually works and on the first time we hit a a an interval of five seconds on the clock it’s gonna fire the alert then it’s gonna wait twenty seconds and it’ll fire it again if there’s no bar it won’t fire it so that’s why I’m thinking of changing this to where it will also look for anything after five seconds so let’s go ahead and hit create oh and of course there’s no bars here we go come on there we go that one had a bar on the five-second mark so should get another one yep two more seconds oh there wasn’t a bar now I’m it’s not available oh wait it is supposed to have a 20-second delay between them so maybe the delay isn’t working on the first one but it should be working on all those afterward yeah so there was about a 20 second delay between that one there’s a little bit more work to do on this coat but it’s coming along really well so essentially the way you would use this if you wanted to have alerts fire within one minute of each other on a say hourly four-hour or daily chart is you would load up this one second chart and you would set the alert exactly like we did and you would in here you would add your code to look at that particular chart for the indicators that you need compare them and then if your conditions are met based on the 4-hour chart then you could set the alert to true and do this as well and that will allow you to fire multiple alerts but another reason I think this is actually useful is because even if you don’t want it under one minute you’re even if you don’t want your alerts to fire within under a minute of each other this will also allow you the ability to customize the delay between your alerts so even if let’s say you’re looking at the hourly chart and you’ve got one alert per minute selected but you’re thinking you don’t want to receive alerts every minute but after a certain period of time maybe you would like to see receive alerts every minute because you know you just received an alert you don’t want to receive another one for a while so let’s add a delay in so we would set a delay using this script and what would happen is your alert would fire and then you could wait two and a half minutes before you could actually fire another alert so it’s actually really cool it’s gonna allow you custom intervals between your alerts and tradingview and it’s also going to allow you to tell it to scan every so often or if I change the code to pretty much scan constantly every second after a certain period of time and the way this is done is actually by using the time now value and that’s giving us a UNIX timestamp of the current time and this works on any resolution chart but I recommend the one-second chart if you are doing if you’re doing this I recommend the one-second chart because it’s gonna give you the most bars which will give you the most chances to fire the actual alert itself it’ll scan more often so it’s kind of like a weird hack I’m not sure if anybody else is doing this stuff not a good quick search for it I didn’t see anything this is gonna be pretty neat I can’t wait to share this one [Music] I’m sure I think there’s anything else and I’ve been up to I’ll just delete that one well they do have some other things that they’ve announced recently such as using to pulse which is a pretty cool concept it allows you to return a series of data types within one value so it’s kind of like an array but it’s predefined by the data types that you can return so if you’re a programmer that might make sense if you’re not that’s probably gibberish they’ll probably be a video about that it’s kind of a neat way to condense your code it’s not necessary by any means it might increase the performance and reduce compiling time of the actual code itself because you’ll probably be making less security calls or less calls in general but for most people there’s really no need for it unless you’re making something pretty advanced because like I said it’s essentially an array that’s pretty defined now I think that’s about all I have for indicators right now I’m not really doing too much with that I’m going back and forth between indicators and also the trade alert responder application and it’s just a lot so if anyone has any suggestions let me know there was a couple about like doing something like the fancy Bollinger Bands and fancy triple moving averages but doing that was like MACD I’m thinking if I do something like that it might end up being more like a fancy oscillator and having it be multiple oscillator within one I’ve got a few ideas on how to actually accomplish this I know for a fact there are some like this out there but of course mine are going to be different and unique more features and things like that in there it’s just trying to actually fit as many of those in as possible because they do some of them are pretty different but for the most part there’s just a couple of lines maybe three or four and at each of them and we’d have to find a good way to actually store that value and reshare it correctly all right before I get to the TA the the giveaway link that’s in the description of the video that is as of right now only got the second question in it for the month of May I’m gonna be updating that to include another question from this particular stream and hopefully if you watch it will help you gain a much entries those are worth a bunch of injuries those questions basically just the help of people who actually watch the channel get more entries for actually participating with everything here okay so I just want to look at Ta now I’m gonna close this I’ll just bring over my tab for my other screen all right so I’ve got the SP on the right and I’ve got Bitcoin on the left and let’s see my logo is in the way a little bit and the indicators are in the way now when the price broke down here I was really impressed that it bounced at that particular time although I figured it would I figured there would have been enough momentum to try and close at the at the moving averages or even go below it but there was not and right now momentum is pointing down on Bitcoin just about everything is pointing down the stochastic RSI is already kinda low so hopefully that means if there is a drop it’s not gonna be long-lasting and will bounce relatively soon although the stochastic RSI can stay low for very long periods of time just look back here you know it was pretty bearish after that so as long as something like that doesn’t happen price could bounce relatively soon and what I’m looking for now remove these drawings now that scenario didn’t play out I’m thinking if we don’t close back above the mid the daily mid Bollinger Band is I’m thinking we’re likely gonna head back down to the bottom band and at which point we would bounce up and since June is right there I’m thinking it could do something kind of like that pretty strong bounce up from there to finish the month of May out pretty strong let’s go to the weekly chart oops so you can see on the weekly chart that this is gonna be a pretty interesting weekly finish hopefully it doesn’t close on the 50 week moving average because that’s essentially a bearish engulfing candle and that would not be good although we would still be above the mid Bollinger Band so that’s still good this is why I think we’re probably gonna have a decent finish to the week but it’s kind of hard to tell but the bands themselves look really nice usually when they can angle up like this it’s pretty good and I really like to think we’re gonna hit the upper band eventually and who knows what’s gonna happen with that but the monthly CH well hold on before I go to the monthly chart let me pull up the other indicators here all right so the weekly chart it looks like it could cool down a bit if we don’t finish this week really hard with a strong finish so if it cools down a little bit then we could see that little dip like I showed you and hopefully just kind of resume from there now a lot of my predictions and drawings that I make usually are fairly close to what’s going to happen but I’m usually a little too quick my lies are a little too vertical I like to anticipate things and get in a little too early on some of these ideas but this could take several weeks to play out instead of just one or two but the end of the month is what’s interesting me mainly because of the monthly chart itself let’s get rid of Bollinger Bands because this I’m hoping that we can at least close at or above this particular months open that would set us up for some more big gains I believe and the art aside that MACD I mean stochastic RSI MACD caste ik all of this is really neutral right now so if it does take off it could point towards going up again and continuing to be bullish which at these levels if it were to turn bullish on a monthly timeframe would be pretty crazy you could start thinking about all-time highs in my opinion but back to the other side of the chart here I want to take a look at the SPM because everyone seems to think that it is well overdue for another correction I’ve been watching the moving averages I thought it would reject the 50-day moving average immediately it kind of did got close and it rejected some but it lasted straight through it and right now it’s really trying to blast through the 100 and the 200 best case scenario if you think it’s gonna drop again as you’re hoping for a long squeeze up and then a I mean a short squeeze excuse me a short squeeze up and then a pretty hard crash after that it’s no telling when that’s actually going to hit the market all of these huge massive changes I refuse to believe that this like four hundred point drop at the very beginning the first week or so was pricing and everything because that only really takes you back to October of last year in terms of prices and to think that with these many millions of jobs that that we’ve lost that just going back to you know last October is enough to say yeah we can we’re better off now than we were last October it’s kind of hard to wrap your mind around to think that you could actually be better off with your stocks and your equities then last October considering all this stuff really happened starting around here December sometime I don’t know I just find it really hard to believe it’s kind of amazing and of course they’ve been printing money but that doesn’t mean a whole lot I mean they’ve been pretty money for a long time and we’ve never seen anything like this and even though people are gonna go back to work they are not all gonna get their jobs back and businesses have already lost a ton of money okay let’s zoom back out on the weekly recipe I believe I have it showing the daily lines on the weekly chart so I’m not really sure yeah so the fifty week is what I’m looking at I mean maybe all those daily lines are kind of getting ignored and we’re gonna reject off the fifty week I like to look for these kind of clusters of moving averages when they come together this price kind of tends to go to where those are you’ll notice there was a cluster here that proved us support because there were so many different support levels around that it probably bounced off of it the same thing I think it’s probably gonna go on here you got this cluster of different moving averages now the yellow and red are the daily timeframe the Green is on the weekly and let me actually reset that indicator so we can take a look at it with all of the weekly values okay so we blasted straight through 200 week and the 100 week on the way back up if it’s gonna reject somewhere on a weekly chart it’s already passed to the positions you think it might so if it doesn’t reject at the 50 you better hope it’s a short squeeze otherwise who knows maybe it’s right back up to where it was before and it was looking decent last week for a potential read week this week I just didn’t come through and now and soon looks like it wants to have some more momentum upwards just kind of hard to believe I know I can’t believe it look at the monthly chart here and this one it’s also kind of similar to Bitcoin although you didn’t have the engulfing bullish candle like you did on Bitcoin you do have the second green candle and it kind of lead you to believe that May is probably gonna finish green but it doesn’t look as impressive as the Bitcoin chart it just doesn’t and now it kind of depends on where we go from here if it closes around 3.1 K that’s gonna be very impressive it’s gonna be hard to slow that down I don’t usually look at monthly charts I am looking for opportunities to buy more stocks though when I get the chance just like I’m buying more crypto whenever I can which by the way yesterday’s a little dump was nice for my DCA which is which was this morning I caught it before it started pumping today so that was really great so Helen I’m going on for oh my goodness I really been going on for over an hour now yeah Wow I think there was anything else we can really talk about right now I mean I could probably look at some other coins as well I like to do that on my second on the second side of the screen here let’s take a look at aetherium it’s the daily chart wow that’s actually really impressive foreign theorem that could end up being a golfing candle today which could be really bullish for it and if that’s the case it could pull Bitcoin up with it it’s interesting I’m glad I look the chart normally looking at the etherium chart doesn’t really give you too much when you’re looking at Bitcoin too you oh yeah you can see that is definitely out gaining Bitcoin versus the dollar in the ratio pair if that continues up and it looks like it will for at least a little bit that should bring Bitcoin up just a little bit with it it looks like aetherium is kind of leading right now just because it’s bouncing on its ratio and that was a nice divergence by the way I wish I’d seen that that is beautiful that’s like a clear bullish divergence on this chart oh man I’m too busy working on these other coding projects to catch things like this I don’t look at enough charts now let’s look at litecoin I was surprised to see this one still in the $40 range it doesn’t seem to have gained nearly as much back it’s a lot of the other stuff it doesn’t look very impressive today either see what it’s ratios like so ya know it looks pretty good to another divergence on that one yeah I can see it come back up to its 50/50 day average which means it’s probably going to have to out gain Bitcoin versus the dollar or just lose less versus the dollar percentage-wise than Bitcoin at a time so it might be a little less volatile if Bitcoin is bearish let’s take a look at Linc [Music] and she’s a really bullish chart it’s it’s got a bullish engulfing candle today momentum looking up on a lot of indicators and including a recent MACD crossover I bet it’s ratio is doing really well yeah Wow goodness who knows this thing probably gonna go a bit more you’re looking at the ratio chart you’re looking at resistance around 47,000 Satoshi nice Big W Wow so nicely starts great let’s take a look at basic attention token this looks kind of similar to like coin but it’s not nearly as bad I think it’s ready for a bouncy or soon and if not it’s going to get ugly now versus Bitcoin is doing really well seems like a lot of alts are doing really well that might be a sign of things to come if there’s a lot of them doing that then maybe we’re looking at a mini alt season because I definitely think that was the bottom at least for a while that’s a huge pump a huge reaction from the price going that low and I wish I had been able to buy some when it did that I just was unable to unfortunately there’s anything else someone looking at I did a theory my coin link Ripple 20 cents it went all the way down to 12 or so Wow and let me guess it’s bounced huge versus Bitcoin as well yeah it – head of divergence and looks pretty good for now yeah my all these alts look really good I can see why people are saying to go into altar right now I wouldn’t say that but I can see what other people are I’m already will into several and IDC a pretty often so I’m fine but yeah all right I’ve been streaming probably a little longer than I anticipated hopefully those of you all who actually watch the video were able to enjoy it and the trade alert responder application was published at the first part of the video so if you want that you can go get it you’re gonna have to install uninstall the first version then you can have the newest version installed and I’ll have to figure out why it wouldn’t update but that should be easy enough to figure out and see we talked about some potential indicators coming up some other videos that I’m going to talk about and then also we talked about some TA and the giveaway so for those of you who managed to make it all the way to the end of the stream I really appreciate you doing that it’s been a good time for me to talk through some of this stuff hopefully you all managed to get something from this as well hopefully you enjoy the trade alert responder application I’m working on and some of the other indicators and code that we’re working on here but I think I’m actually done now thanks everyone have a great day

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Today we are going to be publishing the newest pre-release for Trade Alert responder, discuss some of the changes and also discuss some indicators we have worked on in the channel, and look at some to come.

I hope to also take a look at some TA.

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