Lightnite Update! May 2020 Dev Blog

Lightnite Update! May 2020 Dev Blog

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[Music] hey this is David for big bits and in this video we’re gonna be talking about the newest dev blog update for light night and if you’re not familiar we’ve been doing these every month whenever they have their development blog updates you can see I’m just kind of playing the game a little bit right now this is actually not much of a game it’s more of a test map where you can check things out as part of their first build and the early access and if you wanted to get early access to kind of get around into the map play around and see what its gonna be all about you can actually use the referral code in the description you’ll get a twenty percent discounts and it should make the game sixteen dollars worth of Bitcoin instead of twenty and you’ll get a free skin for your character as well as five hundred Satoshi used to use in the Bitcoin enabled game play when that becomes available now I am gonna switch over to the actual dev blog now that you’ve gotten to get another look at the actual game area itself so let me go ahead and switch over to another monitor it give me just a moment there we go so we got the dev blog pull it up here they don’t have a lot of major changes but a lot of changes that you’ve been expecting and hoping for in the upgrades that you would well really just expect I’m gonna repeat myself here I believe but there’s a lot of these things that you would have expected to see you’re just incremental upgrades I guess that’s what I should call them that you should expect to see on the systems that they built in the past they’ve built these major systems that are going to support the major infrastructure of the game and the environment the ecosystem for their product and now they’re going on to improving upon some of these and actually starting to work on a little bit more so let’s go ahead get started so they are working on their system to allow your skins to be used in the actual game itself which means that they are going to have the models the character models use the skins the assets from your your liquid block change your NF TS that you own and if you’re not familiar with the NF T’s the non fungible tokens please go back to one my other videos where I actually discussed the non-physical tokens with light night you’re actually gonna own these tokens those are gonna represent your skins in the game and you can use those skins in the game and that’s what they’re working on now is to actually get the skins to load the game so they also updated their settings menu which was kind of basic and they’ve added a lot to it they’ve added some Easter eggs and much more so we’ll go ahead and start on some of the things that they’ve actually done they’ve updated their store and they have made it a little bit more efficient they used to have seven items loaded and now it’s just four originally it was 13 so these actually load the actual model into your browser so that you can actually click and drag on it and change the appearance I don’t only see I think I have one up so kind of like this where you can actually click and drag and look at the model in 3d so that’s actually pretty cool but it probably uses a lot of browser resources so limiting those is probably a good idea for most people now they are working on a static section of the storefront I believe this will probably be like a featured section where the items that they want to focus on are gonna be made static to where they won’t change then you’ll also have some items that can change like they said same items are listed for a period of time like an event so essentially like I said a featured section and as far as the games go they are going to be working on making things look a little bit more professional and I don’t know if you noticed from the videos that I’ve made before the demo that you can get into the pre-alpha whatever you want to call it it’s kind of rough around the edges it looks like you were using DUPLO Legos instead of actual Legos so they’re gonna be working on upgrading that kind of stuff to make it look a little bit more professional they’ve also enabled the skin deposits and skin withdraws and we were just talking about this this has to do with the NF T’s and non fungible tokens on the liquid side chain you’re going to be essentially trading these like tokens like if you’re familiar with aetherium this is kind of like an e rc 20 token or E or C 721 I believe but these are going to be tokens that represent your skins and you can trade them you can withdraw them and deposit them using a liquid wallet and we talked about that in the NFT video they’re actually working on getting this stuff enabled and added to the website and you can see they’re kind of example here on how that’ll actually work you’re going to be using addresses and it’s going to work like any other blockchain transaction we’re just going to allow you to receive a skin from somebody and then deposit it into your light Knight account so that you can actually use the skin you can actually withdraw the skin as well and then that would give you the ability to send it to someone on the liquid side chain and then they could deposit into their account using it as like a way to gift people skins if you want to do now back to the Explorer they’ve improved upon the search a little bit you can now search the ticker and user ID when you’re using the Explorer it’s not a huge upgrade but like I said I’ll these are just incremental upgrades that are just minor improvements to make things a little bit easier on you and one of the things you’ll notice is they also are gonna be adding an item it’s where you can know a button I should say to the Explorer to where you can go ahead and buy that skin directly so it’s kind of like an upsell moment oh you’re looking at this skin why don’t you go buy it so that is something that’s going to be coming along the user interface this is their first prototype and and I said it’s like DUPLO and this isn’t even that much this is like somebody drawing something on a whiteboard and just kind of making it with their models that they actually had this was their actual UI mock-up that they did and like I said it’s kind of like DUPLO it’s kind of curvy and big and shiny and kind of bubbly almost and this is kind of what they’re going for with a more finished design I like it I don’t like the large borders over here it works well on the menu buttons I think but on the header tabs I’m not really too sure about that maybe a different color because I’m not really a fan of this kind of weird yellowish brown dark mustard color it’s just not working and maybe it’s a good idea to incorporate some of the the Bitcoin colors you know orange white throw in some black as well maybe that would be a better idea than using this kind of ugly color in my opinion but the actual items themselves of course these will be replaced with the models for the items and I believe this will be the name that probably have other information eventually such as like value or maybe some other metadata related to the items itself the borders are really huge I think they can trim those back maybe give them sort of a glowing effect or you know some sort of transparency gradient to where it’s not such a hard cutoff that’s of course up to them again I don’t like the color but they’re working on it and it’s incremental improvements they’re gonna make it look better eventually and they need your feedback so if you’re actually been following this and you help them with that stuff they actually have a site specifically for that I believe its issues don’t light not IO if not you can always reach out to them on Twitter they also have a discord that you can go to and actually try to reach out to them and contact them to give them your feedback they’ll probably just redirect you to the issues page but that’s one way to get ahold of it if you can’t find it anywhere else now the character customization they have been doing a little bit with this and what they are having to do is they are working with the different categories of items so you have skins you have guns maybe you’re gonna have a separate category of items for like a back item like a backpack or a hat so different categories and they are trying to make these available in the game so what they are gonna be doing is they are gonna be working with some base assets getting them into the game and then they are actually going to at that point ask the community what they would like they’re obviously gonna make all assets available all the store assets available in the game but they are selectively gonna pick those so that’s why I said they’re gonna make this something that the community can help decide I’ve highlighted a lot of stuff here but they’re gonna reach out and ask for opinions so if you aren’t following them on Twitter and involved on their discord like I mentioned before it might be a good opportunity to share your opinion when they ask for it here in the coming months year or so depending on how that road map plays out and as of now I think the road map said that it was like the end of next year the full release or sometimes in the middle of next year the full release of the game comes out but we should be getting some mini games and some other things coming sometime this year I believe the multiplayer as well as part of the early access using the referral code so oh and they also shared this the zombies this is some of their new art assets a zombie with the hot dog skin on so that’s pretty cool and always you can go through the Explorer to look at all the different assets issues I like night I oh this is to actually go talk about the issues and let’s see they had some collaborations last month with block stream really nothing major going on there they did a giveaway one of the main things that I took away from this though was the settings dialog this is something that needed to be improved there wasn’t very many settings before they’ve added a lot on the general tab they’ve expanded the size of this so you actually have more room for things they’ve added sliders for the music and sound separated those the audio out into different settings so you can change them respectively you also have your other graphic settings which are pretty much the same and then they added a keyboard tab and this one is essentially for your key binds your vertical axis and aimed sensitivity which is really nice because there wasn’t a name sensitivity setting in the very first build and it’s one of the few complaints that I had about the very first build it would have been nice to change that but this is an incremental process and they also wanted to discuss their key binding system which if you’re familiar with key binding that just allows you to tell a game which keys you want to use for which specific action so if you wanted to jump using the spacebar you could do that but if you also wanted to remap your jump to the up arrow you could do that as well but alternatively you could have a second key bind which is the alternative key bind and if for some crazy reason you wanted it to be the down arrow as well then you could do that as well you could either hit the up or down arrow in that instance and you could jump so that’s just one example and then they also have a gamepad tab I was kind of testing out playing it earlier at the beginning of the video with an Xbox 360 controller and that worked pretty well I personally like to invert my vertical access when I’m using a controller so it’s nice to see these options in there they also seem to have some key binds here as well they are also working on adding some a some presets excuse me I was at a loss for words they’re looking for adding some presets for the controls so I’m not sure if you’re familiar with halo but they have on the halo Master Chief Edition where they have like four or five different games on it there’s a different preset key layout or button binding is you would call it for the controllers on pretty much all the different games they kind of control changed like which button was for the grenades and what certain things did and this is kind of what that is it’s just different presets for how the controls will actually work they were wanting to build in built-in settings and also have custom ones as well there’s also talking about customizing the bindings per controller so if you’re using an Xbox 360 controller you’ll have your settings for it and if you have like a ps4 controller if you’re able to use that with a PC you can actually change that as well and you can actually have its own settings versus when you switch over to your Xbox 360 controller which I’m not sure who’s gonna be doing that but apparently that’s gonna be an option as well so it’s kind of nice to see they also mentioned that well in the last video I should say we talked about a Kovan 19 mini game they weren’t able to get that in but they have shifted their priority and they’re giving themselves a little bit more time to get that in it still looks like it’s part of their plans to add it into the game but that’s pretty much it for this dev update they’re gonna get this in there you should also go check out their road map to see what they’re actually trying to accomplish they are working to get a lot of things accomplished this year and they have made a lot of progress already it’s gonna be nice to see some more builds come out and be able to actually do some of the things in the pre-release but they have made a lot of progress on the back end and the infrastructure we’ve been talking about that and right now they are starting to make some upgrades on the actual visual elements which is going to be huge people aren’t gonna want to play a game that looks ridiculous and the actual game itself if you saw earlier in the video look really the lighting was good the art assets look nice but when you go to a menu if the menu looks ridiculous it’s gonna turn people off as well so you have to have a nice looking menu and you also have to have a nice looking game so they’re working on these sorts of things like I said I hope they improve upon these colors I am NOT a fan of this mustard and yellow though yellows fine but the mustard with it I don’t know I’m not a fan I’m gonna go to issues that like not that I owe and let them know that I do not like the color they might even be watching this video and if they are I’m sorry for being so critical but that is my opinion here I don’t like it it’s just I’m not a fan of the mustard color but it’s probably hard to find a good color that goes with this kind of yellow that isn’t already white or gray like you have with your alternate colors here that’ll do it for this video like I said if you want to pre-purchase the game you can use the referral in the description of the video 20% off a free skin and 500 Satoshi’s when the Bitcoin enable game play is available so I hope you can take advantage of that if you haven’t already if you’re interested in the game better than that that will do it for today if you liked the video please leave a like and if you’re wanting to see more updates on light night and other things related to light night I think we’re also gonna look at some lightening wallets here in the future on the channel please go ahead and also subscribe because we are going to be doing those types of videos also do tradingview videos with pine script tutorials and other things so please check out the channel other than that thanks and have a great day [Music]

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