Lightnite Map Details Revealed In Developer Updates – $25 Giveaway Ending Very Soon

Lightnite Map Details Revealed In Developer Updates – $25 Giveaway Ending Very Soon

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[Music] hey this is David for big bits in this video we’re going to give you a few updates mostly about the light night game which I’ve had several videos about on the channel before they’ve made a lot of progress including announcing some major milestones and things that are coming up that should get you excited such as the release of the single player alpha test that people will be getting their hands on soon so that is coming up but also I wanted to touch on the giveaway we’ve been doing there’s only three days left the link for the giveaway should be in the description it’s a $25 giveaway I’m gonna do a question from this particular video in that so those of you who actually watch the video are gonna have a much better chance at actually winning it’s gonna be worth a lot of entries in that giveaway I want to make sure that the people who actually watch have a really good chance to win not just the people who find they giveaway randomly and decide to enter so of course there’s the no purchase necessary to get into that gotta be 18 or older basic rules like that but we’re gonna go ahead and get started now and talk about light night now they have been updating their development blog in our last video we covered their development blog and what they’ve started to do there and the last month they released a sketch of their entire game map which included a lot of different zones which they went into a lot of detail in in January to explain kind of what’s going on there’s actually a lot within each zone which makes the game world seem much bigger than you would expect and there’s a lot of unique characteristics of some of the zones but we’ll go ahead and talk about that now so the first thing that’s really important is they have released a dashboard and store it’s where you can manage and buy your in-game skins they have a little gift here of how that kind of works you can actually control the models and turn them around and get a better look at what going on you can see the low-poly design and you can actually get to it by going to plate light night that IO and you’ll have to log in with email and password you have set up with them so make sure you have that if you’ve already purchased the game and you can see they’ve been doing more updates on the map they’ve put in a military zone there are some detailed diagrams here about what’s actually going on and you can see a screenshot of it here from what its gonna look like within the game and it’s designed to optimize short and long distance shooting so you can see this is a kind of open area but there’s also buildings that you can go in there’s several different things to an airport perimeter or shooting range and also of course close quarters and barracks you’ll notice this is a common theme throughout all the different zones they seem to have like five or six different mini zones within them that have kind of their own unique characteristics and for the military base these are those the next one is a spaceship zone they kind of describe this as where a spaceship has crashed on their world and there are some pretty interesting things going on here it’s a sci-fi environment and it actually has wacky and unusual experiences so it means it includes tilted floors low gravity rooms which is kind of neat and much more so it’s gonna be interesting to see what they actually have in store for everyone who’s gonna play when you actually get into the game of course you can see there’s many different levels within that spaceship and they all have their own kind of unique aspects to those as well and then they also have an alien city zone they also call this the underground city or the futuristic city and they’ll explain this as once the aliens crashed they built a city underground and this futuristic city and this includes building slums striptease clubs alien spas etcetera so definitely something to consider if you’re looking at letting a kid play just I didn’t know this was going to be in there so if you’re looking to have a kid play it just make sure you’re aware that that is in there so far I haven’t seen anything too concerning but that might be a little edgy for some people so just keep that in mind they also have a pneumatic transport system to carry the player from and to excuse me from into the spaceship very quickly of course multiple levels in there and then here’s the Vikings village you can see some nice mountains in the background a lake base here with a Viking ship and nice fence around it and this they also say as farms and crop fields around it as well as a castle and Citadel many different things but you actually kind of get to see what’s actually going on within the map now you get a better feel for how it’s actually going to be when you get in there and if you think the players are built to scale to the buildings you also kind of get a sense of how big the map is gonna be itself this of course is the city center zone and this kind of reminds me a lot of the actual fort night game it actually looks very similar to the neighborhood’s they have in their vehicles yeah that’s pretty much about all there is but it also has a subway system for quick travel so that’s pretty neat and then of course a ghost town this is like a western zone nothing really too special about that but it does have a tunnel with the very train tracks and some of the looks like they have traveled pretty much within most of the zones you can see I believe the mines will be something you use to travel so that’s pretty much all they’ve released in January for the development blog but the big thing is their shop that they released that I mentioned at the very top here that’s actually pretty big deal because this is where you’re going to be going through to actually interact with the store and probably to interact with your account in general and you can also check out on their Twitter I recommend you go there they are at light night game you can see their handle up here and they have announced the launch date for their oh they’re getting closer to their early access launch date but in order to do that they actually have published their lightning network node that they’re going to be using for the in-game payments and you can see details about that you click on the link you can see how much Bitcoin it’s currently carrying so far it has point seven eight Bitcoin there’s actually pretty good that’s over six and a half thousand dollars and considering they haven’t even released a single player or you know haven’t even really gotten into a beta that that’s actually quite a bit of money that they’re actually testing with right now so I’m very interesting to see it’s one of the great things about blockchain and especially with a game like this you can actually see what’s going on and I’m sure once things get set up and get going we can actually probably come back here and look and see what’s actually going on within the game and you can get a sense for what’s actually happening with there with the Bitcoin flow with the game seeing see how much money is going in and out as well alright there was a couple of other things of course this is the shop if you would have followed them on Twitter you’d have seen that by now and of course they also have more examples of how the shop is going to work and also right now if you still haven’t bought the game they have a 20% discount using a code camp so it doesn’t believe it’s only like 20 dollars so you get 20% off its gonna be like 16 bucks so it’s pretty good I believe you have to pay in Bitcoin though so if you don’t have Bitcoin you have to buy Bitcoin and do that so just keep that in mind if you want to actually get into the game I believe they might have options in the future where you can buy it without it so keep an eye out for that and that’s why I recommend following their Twitter and yeah that’s pretty much it for the light night update I’ve already talked about the giveaway itself I am gonna be posting a new question there’s already one on here and there’s been a daily bonus entry already but what’s gonna happen is I’m gonna replace the question that’s already out there was something from this video I haven’t even determined it yet I’m actually gonna go back through the video and come up with something that’s gonna be something you probably couldn’t answer without watching the video and if you come back in here it’s probably gonna be worth about five or six entries instead of like one or even three like it is now so you’ll have a much better chance of actually winning the giveaway if you do this particular action so make sure you check that out there’s only three days left it’s ending and the winner will be selected March 1st and we’ll start a new giveaway for the Munch of for the month of March and hopefully we’ll have a lot more videos in the month of March February has been kind of rough we’ve had a lot of illness in the family I’m still kind of getting over something you probably heard me coffee earlier in the video I’ve had the flu my wife’s had the flu my kids have had the flu it’s been a busy time around our household so there hasn’t been a whole lot of content coming out but if you want to keep in touch with me you can always leave a comment in the videos and you can actually check out the discord or follow me on Twitter and you can actually contact me directly through either discord or Twitter and follow the other social media platforms that there are as well so make sure you do that if you need to get in touch with me for anything and of course if you’re following my channel I hope you’ve already checked out my tradingview profile we do a lot of videos on explaining trading indicators and also tutorials on how to create your own indicators these are my most popular ones of all I’m from the tutorial series itself those are the most popular ones I have but I have many other indicators as well and I’m working on some new ones that are gonna show some new features or some new ideas on how to do certain things with the code as part of the tutorial series later this week and hopefully we will continue growing debts and if you have any comments on those check out those videos and leave a comment on those videos or like I said contact me directly but I appreciate your time if you want more updates on light night or you’re following the channel and you like these things please subscribe because I will be giving more updates on it and once the singleplayer comes out and I get my hands on it I’m actually gonna be doing videos of the actual game itself which i think is gonna be pretty interesting it’s something I really enjoy to do I would enjoy to do game videos now but definitely my brand is crypto for the channel so merging those two is great it’s definitely hard to get into a gaming channel if you were to start streaming or doing videos about that this late as far as how that seems gone so getting a chance to merge something I do every day is part of the channel where we already have followers and get to do something that I like as well not just where I like crypto but also like games get to merge those two and do them at the same time it’s gonna be pretty fun I think for me hopefully everybody who follows the channel will like those as well but please subscribe if you want to see that stuff also if you liked the video please like that definitely helps me a lot with the analytics and stuff to help you get the videos shown more so if you’re watching please like the video I really appreciate that but other than that I think that’s it for now you can look forward to some more videos coming out later this week and hopefully we can get the content coming out pretty regularly again instead of having these content breaks of about two weeks now so hopefully we can get back on schedule hopefully my family will stay healthy but other than that I hope all of you stay healthy and to have a nice day [Music]

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