Lightnite February Dev Updates – User Interface and Technical Details

Lightnite February Dev Updates – User Interface and Technical Details

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[Music] hey this is David for big bits and in this video we have another update from the light night team on their game for their developer update in February now we have talked about the game on the channel before if you’re not familiar with light night it is a battle royale type game like fortnight but it uses in-game currency with satoshis which is a unit of Bitcoin that people can earn and just receive in the game for their actions that they’re doing if you’re more interested in that there should be a link popping up to a video right now to the first video where we talk about it in general but we’ve already had a couple of other update videos since then on their development blog their single-player version should be ready to play soon and we’ve talked about several other things but let’s go ahead and get started this is what they’ve been working on so it seems like a lot of their work has been done on the interface and then also in this update they also wanted to let us know a little bit about their design and development process that they’ve been doing so of course when you’re talking about a game when you’re looking at the UI most of the time you’re thinking of the HUD which is the overlay on top of the world on what you’re looking at and that’s known as the HUD the heads-up display you can kind of see that down here this is their basic version and I wanted to go over a couple of things that they talked about one of the basic stuff that you’d expect to see in a normal game health shield bars ammo counters and they try to make it unobtrusive they also have a mini-map it shows your teammates location custom locations that you can ping on the map it also can show enemies briefly you can show your team members and then it also shows some of the other things such as your statistics on the game number of kills what’s about to happen the shrink zones and of course they also have notifications coming up for events that happen in the game like who was killed by who and when things like that and you can see of course that’s here they purposefully rendered it without the world map so that it would render and you could focus on the hood instead of actually what’s in behind it now the inventory you can see they’ve kind of started on this in the bottom right corner they’re gonna have six slots this is kind of the first bit of detail that is actually come out about the game as far as what you’re actually gonna be able to have and they’re gonna have six slots and including a melee weapon which one of the slots is dedicated to so with the items that you’ve gotten through the pre-sale if you’ve done that then you would have already had a couple of items I believe you get a weapon as well so if you haven’t checked that out you can actually check out their play store if you’ve pre-purchased and if you haven’t already use the referral link in the description of the video if you want to check it out I think it’s only like 20 dollars and Bitcoin but with a referral link you actually get 20% off so just keep that in mind some of the HUD elements will be customizable so of course you can display or not display them and then it’s currently a draft version so this is what they’ve started with now of course they haven’t even released a beta release this is pre alpha they haven’t even released an alpha or their single-player version so to get started I think it’s okay and that’s looking a little bit generic in a couple of places the alignments look a little bit odd the font not really sure if I’m a huge fan of it so we’ll see it is a low poly game and it’s not meant to be taken quite seriously so it might work out we’ll have to see how it looks like with the actual Maps rendered on top of it so you’ll also see a menu that they’ve come up with here as well and that’s part of what they’re focusing on is that they actually want to get people to play the game who don’t use Bitcoin so in order to do that you have to have menus that are relatively simple because if you come from crypto you’ll know that a lot of the menus and the interactions with cryptocurrency are rather complicated or advanced for most people and most games that are out there are very simple you hit one or two buttons and you’re playing a game where as you know if you want to send a Bitcoin transaction you have to go through several steps you have to copy an address to who you’re sending it to paste it in the to field and then you have to make sure you’re calculating the right amounts of Bitcoin that you want to send for the US value and there’s just a whole lot involved with it that they’re trying to make as easy as possible in the user interaction for the game so they can convert people from playing regular games into playing light Knight and working with Bitcoin pretty seamlessly now their web platform this is something we’ve already covered on the channel they brought this up last time this is what I talked about a little bit earlier in the video as well this is where you can check out your account look at the items that you already have on your account and possibly purchase more ones like I said if you’ve already pre purchased or if you’ve used a referral link in the description you can get to this by creating your account on there and you can actually see what’s going on now they’ve also talked a little bit a little bit about level design and their first level of working on was the military base for their close quarters combat and they did that for a lot of reasons they went over that here I’m not gonna talk about it a whole lot but they want you to think about covers choke points different paths platform a elephant platform you platforming elements and things that can lead you to rewards and they want it to be to be including verticality and jump mechanics so taking taking advantage of the 3d space that they’re working in so the same they also mentioned a little bit about block mesh this is a little bit more technical but essentially they are building their 3d model inside of a game engine which allows them to test what they’re actually working with now they also have a set dressing this is essentially just layering on top of your your brushes if you’re familiar with c-sharp and graphics but essentially just laying on top the visual style to the asset you’re working so you’re talking about a wall you’re adding in brick texture and and other things so that’s what they mean by that they add that on they build their model they add their set dressing and the set dressing also includes other items and they added in some Bitcoin posters and other things in there that they plan on having it to where you can be able to interact with that and possibly make it the part of the mission or missions where you interact with those and you can even get Satoshi’s for doing that or make it to work towards Easter eggs in the game that could unlock certain things perhaps now finally they talk a little bit more about lighting and visual effects this also is a pretty technical discussion but you can see they’ve added in a lot of different lighting systems within unity to make things work well they also focused on making them work so that they can be be able to work better with other features that they might want to add later and also keep the frame rate as high as possible at the same time so you can also see some of the options they give here as well with some of the post-processing with anti-aliasing ambient occlusion color grading and motion blur you can see there’s a really nice image here even though it’s low poly it looks really nice I think with the different lighting effects that they’ve added on as far as the software architecture is concerned this is talking about the back end on how they’re designing the game and they say they’re using a modular fashion which I believe is a very good idea it’s a pretty standard design philosophy with applications to where your different features are essentially modules that you can add on to the game and you can reference from the main module and it makes it much easier to add them and pull them out whereas if you were to design your applications to where a lot of the features aren’t modular and they’re like hard-coded into the main system it makes it a lot harder to essentially find all their references and pull those out or disable those and find all of the different effects that it would have on different areas of the game or other parts of your application if it were all parts of the main module so that’s something to keep in mind as well that they’re gonna have this ability to add features based on modules that they would like to see so there’s a new game type coming that might be a new module or you know there are other features that people would like to see that might be a new module the core framework as well they’re talking about some other things as well as their design is also concerned as far as their development and they’ve talked about creating multiple services controllers improving their back-end a lot so they’ve done a lot and this is probably the most technical the developer update they’ve had but there’s actually a lot of good stuff in here if you want to read it and keep up with the update I really like the idea of this project so I’m here supporting them they’ve reached out to me at my email and I’ve talked to them a couple of times and I really enjoy what they’re trying to do here and if we want to increase the adoption of crypto and Bitcoin and such these are the sort of projects we need to embrace and get out there and spread the word for so that’s what we’re doing here and if you’re not familiar with big bits that’s part of the mission is to increase cryptocurrency adoption and spreading the word about this is a great way to do that I think and once the single player is released we’re gonna have some game footage on here they told me that’s okay to do and we’re gonna share some of that and who knows we might have plenty of that and we’ll see how that picks up and if people actually like that but other than that that’s about it for the light knight development update and of course if you haven’t already pre purchased the game and you’re interested the referral link is in the description of the video but also at the end of the video you’re probably going to see some recommendations for other videos for the channel where we do pond script tutorials where we learn to create trading indicators that we can use to trade Bitcoin and other different assets or securities with and you can check out my trading view profile and you can actually get an idea of some of the scripts that I actually work with by going to the script section on my profile and you can see what we’ve done there but also on those video rec nations you’ll be able to see some of the actual videos we’ve done good idea if you’re actually interested in that but if you like this video and you like the light night stuff or the other stuff please leave a like on the video if you want to see other videos like this and you want to follow light night or you want to keep up with pine screwed please subscribe to the channel there’s gonna be plenty more videos like this and other than that I think that’s about it now for all this video I’m gonna stay [Music]

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