How I Get Bitcoin Back From Shopping Online – Using Lolli and §SatsTag For Stacking Sats

How I Get Bitcoin Back From Shopping Online – Using Lolli and §SatsTag For Stacking Sats

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How I Get Bitcoin Back From Shopping Online – Using Lolli and §SatsTag For Stacking Sats: In this video I show how I have been using lolli to steadily accumulate Bitcoin. This steady accumulation of Bitcoin is referred to as Stacking Sats and lolli even created their very own §SatsTag to help users on their platform with using Bitcoin. Lolli is a chrome based extension – meaning we can also use it on Brave browser – that when activated grants you cash back in the form of Bitcoin on the site you are shopping on if it qualifies. This is a great way to get Bitcoin for free for the shopping you will be doing anyway.

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