Bitcoin and Crypto TA Live – Looking Ahead to Creating Indicators – $25 Bitcoin Giveaway

Bitcoin and Crypto TA Live – Looking Ahead to Creating Indicators – $25 Bitcoin Giveaway

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you guys I’m setting up up a couple things down here I’ll be starting in just a minute you I have quite a lot going on tonight you [Music] alright guys we’ve got the giveaway pulled up the links in the description if you haven’t checked it out yet go ahead and look at that I’m going to be working on another monitor for just a minute I’m gonna be pulling some stuff up I’m gonna pull some stuff back over here so we can take a look in just a moment there was quite a bit going on and if you didn’t see the video yesterday to probably not be aware some of the stuff that we talked about obviously so there was quite a bit that happened today and the correction towards the end of the day I had a lot to do it that I mentioned last night that I thought seven point four would be impressive if it were to reach there and I would be amazed and it made eight and part of that was the reasoning of the top Bollinger Band now this is hard for me to do without looking at the monitor right now but the top Bollinger Band was being hit and then also the 50-day moving average was just right above it so it was gonna be really easy to see a rejection there after we went up straight for pretty much you know weeks at a time now yeah that’s like two and a half weeks or something like that we went straight up go ahead and pull that chart over here and lately I’ve been comparing the SP with the Bitcoin chart just a moment here taking a look at a few more things you doing a little bit of administrative work on some servers here you go ahead and zoom in on this to show you all what I was talking about so if you saw the video yesterday you saw I was talking about the upper Bollinger Band and then the next stop would have probably been that 50-day moving average which I was pretty happy with I was correct because I did get a short in right at the top thanks to that and I had a really good day so hopefully this won’t take too long what I’m doing and I can focus on the charts in just a moment check to see if the audio is working correctly okay good if I’d been working on with the livestream before I was hoping that the audio was a plan for that all right so this is taking a while to load what I’m doing over here I’m gonna pull up trade I actually made this afternoon in more traditional markets and that would be SMD D which is a pro shares trust ultra pro short mid cap 400 and I don’t do traditional stuff very often but I finally got some money in a in a brokerage account and I bought some of the SMD d this afternoon at 8.9 now at the end of the day it was at 9.1 but it’s actually up considerably since then I think it’s up to like nine and a half or something which should be around here around its 50-day so I’m kind of expecting a bounce but even if it doesn’t I do kind of expect it to bounce off of these the 100 the 200 there and mostly because it looks the exact same if you’re looking at the actual SP chart you’re getting it coming up to resistance there so yeah you can see it hit its upper Bollinger Band and I can see it tapping that a couple more times because these indicators have a little bit more room to go it just kind of depends on the news that comes out this week but I fully expect prices to drop again but we’ll see all right step one is completed over here number step two you if you’ll have any questions just type something into chat I’ll take a look at whatever we’ll be looking at some pine script here in just a moment you I think that takes care of what I need to do over there make sure it doesn’t fail okay so hopefully you all are seeing when I was talking about yesterday in the video where at the end of the day I was probably in the middle of the day actually where I said that we were probably gonna hit the upper Bollinger Band and then hit the 50 and then correct a bit off of that and I’m not really sure if we’re gonna continue coming down immediately or not there’s still a little bit of room up here on the indicator it’s nothing really pointing towards an immediate drop a severe immediate drop here for Bitcoin in my opinion now it did look that way all day on the 4-hour chart and it kind of lined up perfectly with the S&P which is a lot of people than saying there’s the correlation right now with the SP and Bitcoin and there has been at times but the correlation seems to be well it seems to be more moreso correlated on these big moves when the price is more neutral and sideways it seems like the correlation isn’t quite as strong you get some more volatile moves with Bitcoin in those times but yeah so once the indicator started leaning down on this candle so you’ll notice it’s forming a nice smooth top here which kind of makes me think it’s going to bounce back up and we’ll get a bearish divergence a pretty strong one and I wouldn’t consider this a bearish divergence of course because you’re actually still moving up with your indicators gonna take a look at that and show you to be too precise here see they’re both kind of moving up and I might mainly focus on that but what I’m looking for is probably something like this let’s see where’s the resistance at back here yeah that’d be about right around 7.7 or so forming a bearish divergence on the for our this that’s what I’m gonna hope for and that would kind of also play in line with that daily idea that I was talking about where we could get the SP to kind of crawl back up a bit more and that might create a bearish divergence on that chart as well but I think if it happens for Bitcoin it’s either going to wick up to these and reject fairly hard or it just gonna go kind of sideways here and maybe not even get the divergence at all but that is to be seen yep that work is completed that’s good okay so let’s get that taken care of go ahead and drill down into the charts here cos and we got to do this too much lately so this would be a time where I would look for a quick scalp shorts approaching 50 after it hasn’t been near it for a while although it does seem to have flipped on the minute charts they’re both still kind of hot if I were scalping right now I would be a little patient and look for a short in the near-term and you can kind of see that if you’re also looking at the correlation this is something that I’ve noticed today as well when you’re looking for the correlation between the SP and Bitcoin you’ll notice that on the SP chart there moving averages are way off because of course they closed or in certain periods of time and it kind of throws their whole chart off even if they are correlated so you’ll notice there’s a 200 moving average here or if there’s nothing really above Bitcoin here so if the SP were to have a big move and break down from here then bitcoin would likely follow because they’ve been fairly correlated on these bigger moves now on the SP here it looks like a very good scalp short in my opinion I mean of course not financial advice always but you know these indicators are well overdone on the one minute I’d say they’re fairly high on the five-minute as well over there I’d be looking for a scalp short over there but I would actually be a little bit more patient and wait because I like to wait until both timeframes reach a moving average okay so I’m actually gonna go ahead and pull up the development chart and show you all some of the stuff I’ve been working on here you a lot of great stuff this was from one of the last few videos that we did it’s a lot of gradient work let’s get rid of that one what is this oh I know what that is I was playing around with creating some custom stop-loss code a trailing stop loss code that way you could manage the stop-loss in either direction I’m working on that for training view and I’ve made a lot of good progress I just I kind of gave up on it because I got tired and I got distracted honestly so let’s take a look the other one that I wanted to that is the RSI multi time frame call-outs or is it an RSI call out some multi-resolution now this is the one I’m really excited about this is the one I’ve been using for some alerts here lately let me switch back to Bitcoin again because this one the settings that I’ve come up with it work really well on the five-minute chart for Bitcoin or at least it did you yeah not so well recently but what we’re doing here is let me pull the script code for this one too is what we’re doing is we’re looking at multiple layers or multiple resolutions at once and we’re simply requiring that all of these RSI values are true and this is just something you can play around with it doesn’t really matter too much but I’ve made it fairly flexible like I’d like to do with all of my indicators and you can play around with four different Rs eyes now the first one is always enabled so you can’t disable that one but from then on you can actually disable two three and four you know that changes a sharp the chart around a little bit but the idea here is you want to catch the top or the bottom on multiple time frames with the RSI as opposed to just one and so for example you get overbought or oversold with the RSI on the one-minute chart but you know you’re in the middle range on the five-minute or the 15-minute and it’s really kind of no-man’s land for a trade so you don’t really want to make one out there so while you’re looking for the one-minute chart to be overbought or oversold you’ll also want to require say the five-minute chart to also be overbought or oversold and of course we can specify these numbers so if you’re just gonna be using these two then I would probably be a little bit more strict settings that I had were pretty lenient on what would qualify but this is just using two time frames this is just a one minute in a five minute and I think those are pretty good because if you’re looking and you’re actually following this as it happens this was a good scalp any of these RSI bounces I wouldn’t keep for very long personally and always this is never financial advice but with these RSI call outs that I’m doing on the multi-resolution it seems more often than not that they are quick bounces and I wouldn’t hold them very long but in the in the rare instances that it does continue to run up and these multiple timeframes you’re either probably going to see a bearish divergence up here so if you were you know starting out with a small position you could add to your position up here if you were trying to short or DAPs it would be true if you were going long and that’s something I look out for when I am looking at these artists at call-outs here now the other thing I wanted to mention was so if you’re looking at this and you’re using the multi-resolution call-outs and you’re thinking okay well how can I possibly filter out they call out here that would be when you would want to enable the third RSI and then you’re gonna have to find some settings to make that work yeah so you could have made it work with the third RSI there and these all look like very good quick scalps using these settings now what I really want to do is I want to go back and I want to create a strategy that will long and short this just to see how effective it actually is and you’ll notice it doesn’t make a whole lot of trades that’s because we are working with very small time frames here and actually I need to be back out on the 1-minute chart that’s another issue here because if if you’re using a 1-minute RSI on any of these then the only RSI that it knows for the one-minute when you’re looking at a 5-minute candle so obviously there’s five one-minute candles in a single 5-minute candle so when you’re looking at this candle and you’re calculating this with this the only RSI it sees on the one minute time frame is I believe the first RSI in the series of five within this candle so you’re kind of limited and I believe once the candles over then it uses the last one that I can’t really recall all right now all I know is it doesn’t really work the way you would want it to when you’re looking at these higher resolutions so let’s go back to the one minute and so you see there was a nice scalp long there if we got anything else let’s zoom back and let’s disable a third artists out here so now that we’re on one minute we can afford to get a little bit less strict so this is another example where I would be looking for a divergence and kind of looking for a scalp here because we’re already very oversold here in the 15s or in the teens I should say and then you go back down there don’t really go much lower either with your RSI and the price is lower in fact the RSI isn’t lower at all now let’s see where was another one at here we go I found a really good spot here on the one minute that would have been a good quick scalp and of course these would be most likely if you’re using leverage because if you’re gonna scalp something that had small of a move you’re probably playing with leverage and this was a perfect one right here that one would have been great and this one was decent if you were slightly patient but remember what I said earlier with this particular indicator I’ve noticed that you probably have to end up closing trades rather quickly because you are working with such short time frames small resolutions that even if you think you’re right on the trade that there’s a very good chance if you don’t close out in time that it could go the other way because what this indicator is trying to do is trying to catch a quick move and you’re not gonna have much of a quick move if you’re sitting here being patient and you continue to wait until you know here you know you hold it for 50 candles or whatever and then at that point you know you feel like you’re kind of stuck and you’re gonna wait it out and see if you can get a you can hold out and get in a profitable position and in some cases you just can’t whereas in this one it immediately went down and in this case personally I would have been patient because it rejected pretty hard and it continued to go down minute by minute I would wait until most likely it hit the middle Bollinger Band here and bounced up and then probably hit the top and let’s see if I’m right close it went straight through the middle and then it came back up to the top band so if I was watching this live what I would have looked at is this sharp rejection back down played it patiently because we know we’re out and if it continues to go up ideally in my case what I like to do is I don’t like to use my entire trading amount that I would like to use I’m pretty conservative because I feel pretty confident on these plays but when they aren’t successful a lot of times they will end up being successful if I add to them one more time and one more time only for potential divergence so I was willing in this case most likely to have played it out and waited for it to come down and then once I started to see it come back up and probably come back through the middle Bollinger Band that’s when I probably would have closed and you know you can play around with the settings and try and capture more profit if you want but realistically that’s probably what would have happened there’s any more that are interesting okay so you can see this would be one where I would have considered the divergence and try to add in again so you probably would have had an entry about right here if you add it in on a divergence on a short here and you probably would have had several several candles to take profit now if that was enough to cover fees in this case I’m not entirely sure but here this is a much better when you only have the one call out and it goes down pretty quickly on that one that you probably would have got profit immediately and same goes for this one this is another one that’s kind of like that and keep in mind this is also requiring the five-minute RSI so that’s why I’m a little bit more confident trading one-minute candles it’s because I’m not actually trading one-minute candles I’m trading one and 5-minute candles in this scenario and for me I like to do this manually because a lot of times these alerts if you were to set an alert on whenever I call out happens it would happen one after the other so for example I’m not deleting the call-outs here like I am with the actual regular one so if you were to set an alert for these you would had four alerts and you would have bought one two three four times now that would be great if it worked out but a lot of people don’t want that kind of risk so if you were to want to use this to automate something in my opinion what I would do is I would put a delay or a cool down between the alerts so that you couldn’t get one until you know at least three or four candles has passed since the last one something like that that way we can make sure that it goes down and also you know if there was one in the last ten candles that you know the price is lower that way we guarantee that it was a divergence or hope that it was a divergence in that case you so let’s see yeah there was another one that would have been a nice quick scalp yeah so that was really nice I really like this indicator it’s what I’ve been using to create some of my alerts oh man let me see if I can pull some of those up bought alerts so I’ve set up a bottler channel in my discord here where I was playing around with this and some software that I wrote by hand for myself that will automate this stuff and it also posts this stuff on Twitter but you’ll see that it you know I’m able to grab all this data from the trading do you alert and then it will actually go and take a screenshot of my chart and this was me using that chart at the time and then put a nice watermark on there and send out all of this great information I think once I get something that I’m fairly comfortable with sharing and I might add it out there I don’t really care to do one minute and five minute time frame alerts for something like this because if people are following that and they’re not comfortable trading on those time frames then I wouldn’t want somebody and even though it says not financial advice I wouldn’t want somebody to do it even by mistake or just jumping the gun and thinking that they see something that they should do it even though it says you shouldn’t and now it does offer me an option for me to define the resolution on the chart and here I just said see chart and that’s because we’re working with multiple but if I wanted to I could tell you what resolution were working with on the chart and it would actually show you that here as part of the alert and this is coming along really well it works really well on Twitter because it also plays with the hashtag and the dollar tag I forget what those are called I don’t know if they have a name honestly cuz I don’t use Twitter that much well I use it fairly often I just don’t know what they’re called because I don’t care yeah but those are pretty cool I’m hoping to get these kind of fleshed out I’m hoping to use these RSI call-outs but there’s a couple more things I want to get done here and look at the code on those you oh no there they’re probably about right that might be publishing this soon there are a few things that I want to do with my code one of those things is I want to actually go through and use their coding style style guide for Pyne coders they have a styling guide for the code and I didn’t know that when I started the tutorial series that I did but honestly the styling guy that they have is a little harder to read for beginners so I think it worked out really well that I use these big capital letters in the beginning and made these long variable names that people could actually read and understand and then of course you know the function names and all the plots and all of this I think it looks a little bit easier to read in my example than it does in theirs because they’re using a whole lot of more styling to it that you probably wouldn’t be able to quickly pick up on unless you are a programmer and of course the tutorial series was all for people who don’t really know how to do that stuff yet that’s why it’s a tutorial otherwise if you knew what you were doing you would probably just look at the documentation or find other examples and copy off of them but I can I can also see people looking at the videos for examples as well so those sorts of people don’t really need the code to be styled but we’re gonna be working on doing that I’m gonna do a video specifically on the styling I want to pull up something else with I think there was one more indicator I wanted to look at testing was it the strategy you I honestly cannot remember what I’m doing here was so much different code now this is the one oh no this is the code I was working with the trailing stop lost the custom trailing stop loss which worked by the way so what I need to do is I actually need to figure out how to get the other trailing stop loss to go for me the short trailing stop so that shouldn’t be too much effort no I’ve got it done one way he should be able to flip it and mirror it the other okay I think that’s all there is for trading view right now that I really wanted to go over now there’s no another website that I wanted to look at give me just a moment to pull that up over here login as well you of course typed it in wrong you okay I’m gonna pull this up over here so the folks from tuned calm got in touch with me and I checked out their product they gave me access to their alpha and I want to stress that this is an alpha this is not something that’s ready for people to actually use this is something that are still actively working on so if it doesn’t look perfect just yet or doesn’t function perfect that’s kind of the point they’re trying to figure these things out and make things work the way they need to but one of the things they pointed out was that they have their own language similar to pine that has a few points to it that I really enjoy that pine doesn’t have now even though some of these things are possible in pine that we can do here with their scripting I think they call it tuned is that there are more built-in indicators by far over here and now obviously this is an alpha they have a long way to go to catch up to trading view in my opinion but you know it’s essentially the same looking thing you know the chart it honestly it’s using the the trading view chart but their own language is how they calculate the indicators that they’re using here it appears so with their script they have some built-in indicators I haven’t honestly dug in too much into this site but I did read over their documentation because I was asked to check it out and I did and they have tons of built-in indicators now all of these are different functions for different indicators so you can see the ATX trying to think of some of these I can know the name of the ATR there’s average Bollinger Bands EMA whole moving average Kaufman something moving average I can’t remember that one’s name I just call it cama MACD if I built-in momentum indicator built-in on balance volume built-in RSR built-in SMA there’s any others that really stood out ultimate oscillator built-in so they’ve got a lot of these things built in and I believe it was they said it was built on top of Java framework but yeah I was built on top of the groovy powered by groovy with a custom API which is how they do their indicators now how they do that with the trading new chart they’re probably manipulating the code to where it’ll plot the values that they want using the indicator values that they create from the series that you tell it to do that’s just my opinion but this is what they’re using for their code powered by groovy like I said I haven’t looked at it too much but it seems kind of interesting because they do allow you to automate your strategies and actually execute on that I’m gonna try and see if I can find this to show you so yeah you can put in your credentials for an exchange and with their strategies you can actually trade on these exchanges using their website which it’s a nice idea when you’re trying to automate what’s going on with trading view now a lot of people there’s a lot of bots out there that actually try and capture the alerts from trading view and execute trades for you based on that but this it’s using trading view itself and giving you the custom ability that you want and working with it in the browser to where you don’t really need to worry about that other software you can just use this and it’ll trade for you based on how you define in the strategy and I don’t know how those other bots work honestly I build my own so I don’t know about Auto View or whatever it is that captures the trading view alerts I don’t know how those work if they have their own way to monitor your strategy within that bot but you can manage what’s going on from here let’s see what they had an editor and yeah so you can see the script it looks a lot like pond script and they said they designed it to be like that and you can tell by the documentation why that is they have a few enhancements on it you can actually see the color with the color code here but it is slightly different especially with the inputs you define the input by declaring the datatype before the input call other than that it’s very similar and of course you can still do your own custom indicators and all these other calls as well and save that but I’m gonna be looking to this a little bit more I don’t know how much time I can actually devote to it but I am gonna keep up to date with the project the people who reached out to me and asked me to look at it seem like really nice people so I figured I’d take a look at it at least show you all what I’m looking at so you all would know it’s out there as well and I’m not doing any affiliate thing with them right now I just I’m really curious as to what they’re doing over here with this particular project and they do do affiliates maybe I’ll do that eventually but I’m not really too worried about that right now I was mostly interested in seeing how there’s scripting language worked in comparison with pond script considering we’re doing pilot script tutorials here if they pick up a user base maybe we’ll do some tutorials for them as well not that I wouldn’t continue doing them for tradingview it’s just that you know I’m trying to build a channel here so if I can get other views from this one as well I can take the knowledge I have from tradingview spawn script and kind of translate that over there and we can continue to grow the channel with those folks as well perhaps so that’s interesting to keep an eye on for me I don’t know about you all but I thought that was pretty neat and maybe I’ll do a video soon where we look at actually doing an indicator side-by-side and trading view in here just kind of seeing how difficult it actually is to translate from one to the other I’m trying to think if there’s anything else I’d like to cover right now because I don’t think there is I’ve talked about TA I’ve talked about the indicators were looking forward to I’ve talked about the giveaway so if you weren’t here at the beginning of the channel you can look in the description of the video the giveaway is up there the question down here work ten entries if you saw my video yesterday you should know the answer to that otherwise you can go back and look at that to figure out the answer to that I try and make it to where people actually watch the videos get those entries let’s see there was one other thing yeah let’s go back and just look at some work ta why not I’m not in a rush right now this isn’t a video that I normally do where I’m kind of timing myself here now there are some people watching now so if you all have anything you want to look at just say something chat I’ll try and pick up on that and see if there’s anything we can look at together now if you weren’t watching earlier in the stream you noticed I’m looking for a potential bullish divergence here even though I did look for the short today bouncing off the 50-day moving average I think there’s a decent chance we come up for a bullish divergence now this wouldn’t be on the daily here this would be more so on the 4-hour chart so let’s drill back down in there so you kind of see what I’m looking at here potentially for a divergence that I would kind of like to pick up on for an actual short because I think if we get up here to have our divergence things could possibly still say bullish even if it were to dump all the way back down to the 200 on the 4 arrow which would be six point six which you know everybody wants to go back to 6.6 K where we spent you know the entire weekend all right take a look at a couple of other coins here basic attention token this is one of my favorites just because I’m a huge fan of brave so if you haven’t noticed I actually got my hoodie and I don’t know if you can actually see it I assume you can see it I got that that was part of the swag giveaway that I want and they also gave away this awesome water bottle it’s a it’s insulated and I poured water in it now I didn’t even use ice at noon it’s still cold I love this thing it’s really cool they also gave me a shirt they gave me a sweater and then there was also some stickers and stuff and show you here I’ve got some stickers like this there was also some basic attention token stickers but there’s about ten each of those and let’s see there’s one other thing why can’t I remember it maybe there wasn’t another thing but that was awesome getting all that stuff I’m a huge fan of brave if you don’t notice oh the mousepad which you would have seen that if you watch the last video okay basically tension token back on the for our this is I mean all these charts typically followed Bitcoin so I don’t want really care to go into them too much everything looks pretty much the exact same here although the shorter moving averages are a little bit off compared to what they were Bitcoin let’s go to the daily chart I mean it’s it’s looking pretty much exactly the same except basically in token didn’t even reach the 50-day although the stochastic on this one looks a little bit better which leads me to believe that maybe that bullish divergence is still in play let’s see if some other altcoins have this this kind of look on a stochastic that would lead me to think that we might get that off militia bearish divergence we might get that bearish divergence in the coming days if not for Bitcoin for alts let’s see let’s look at litecoin on the daily chart here yeah so this is the same kind of setup although it’s not looking quite as good on stochastic for that potential bounce up there is that room there and I don’t see any reason why it would stop out here on the daily chart let’s look at the for hour and see if there’s anything there I’m not really seeing anything I’m I think I’m talking myself into believe in this bearish divergence it’s going to happen but Wow I really do think that it’s gonna happen I’m talking myself into it I’m kind of hoping it does because it’s pretty obvious short if you’re doing that look at the theory him I haven’t been following it but I heard ahead a really great couple of days here yeah Wow from 143 to 175 $30 about a day that’s really good it seems to be gaining quicker than others although its indicators look pretty much exactly the same as the other ones and this one I would say is probably a strong candidate or the divergence forming just because the RSI just went so hot there’s the daily out here so this this charts much different than the other ones well I wish I had looked at this earlier I would have loved to short this one instead if I had the opportunity to because it stopped out right at the 200-day moving average around this cluster of moving averages which whatever that happens that to me it seems like it’s going to meet obvious resistance it’s very rare that you have a cluster of moving averages and it goes through them immediately so just look back here the 100 and 200 were together now I did go through it but it did bounce on the initial touch it’s pretty common in my opinion that that happens so that one was a little bit different like a lake look at Linc you for ex-wives you got an idea for an indicator yeah man just leave a comment or type it out in chat and see if we can look at it now if it’s really complicated I probably don’t have time for it my schedule is picking up like crazy but if it’s something simple we might be able to do it on stream or something because I like to pick up on stuff you all suggest we’ve done several that people have suggested link is very different as far as its placement considering it’s moving averages if broke it’s 200 stop down at the 100 that actually looks pretty bullish in my opinion I like link no I’m not sure it’s gonna go straight up but out of all the ones we looked at so far I like this one the most for potential continued to run phylidia it’s for our so this is another good candidate for that divergence and I’ll tell you why it’s because this 200 period moving average is possibly gonna act as support now I’m not gonna tell you that it’s gonna happen but if it bounces off of support here I think it’s likely that you’re going to get that bearish divergence a computer tech tutorials thank you that is a nice compliment man you’re in the pond script telegram maybe I do not remember what you’ve posted man I don’t know there’s so much going on right now let me tell you my day job is insane this coronavirus stuff has got everyone where I work at doing so much more because we have gotten funds to where we work with and help people but with my job that I have to scramble to program these things to help people get that money and I’ve had multiple projects at once need help and it’s it’s pretty hectic but anyway yeah on this one I definitely could see the bounce here off the 204 link going up for that potential bearish divergence because I don’t see any reason why it would kind of stall out down here that might go slowly until it catches up with the mid Bollinger Band but the Bollinger Band is so far down there I could see it moving back up pretty quickly too oh man let’s think of some more already covered my favorite ones there were some crappy ones I’m just kidding take a look a triple oh it’s a verbal a hard time I really don’t care about any of that drama this one’s pretty interesting it is similar and then it’s touching its mid band I don’t know if all of them are touching their mid bands like that you stuff is crazy I’m very fortunate I have a job and my wife has a job but there’s a lot of people who lost their job specially around here and it’s so weird thing and all this is going on I went to Lowe’s the other day to get some lumber and building my kids a swing set and there’s I live in a fairly small town and it’s crazy when there’s a bunch of traffic but it never happens that we have a bunch of traffic for the most part unless there’s a wreck or there’s never lines outside of stores and to see the line wrap around Lowe’s all the way to the side of it past their gardening section was pretty insane needless to say we didn’t go in we didn’t wait in line next to all the other people who looked like they might have already had it and we actually went back and we got our lumber that we needed for that we’re gonna be building them a pretty nice swing set let’s probably talk a little bit more about myself on the channel here eventually maybe I’ll do a video or I’ll tell you a little bit about myself here cuz I’ve done all these tutorial videos done some live streams and stuff you don’t really know much about me unless you’ve really dug into my social media you might have found out some stuff or if you went to my website you might have looked at like my LinkedIn or something but you know you all don’t know that much about me it then write some pine script stuff every once in a while that you all might like Ponce groupers telegram am I in that one you I don’t know if I’m in that telegram dude uhh ya know if I’m in that telegram I’m only in one telegram for pine script related stuff and I’m not sure if it’s the right one I’m guessing no but I don’t know I don’t recognize your screen name from YouTube / – telegram so I couldn’t tell you for sure yeah it’s interesting with the cope it’s tough my wife she’s a really really cautious about that stuff she she’s got like gloves and she wears the mask of course I’m supposed to but you know I try and keep my distance and stuff remember one I don’t want to have to wear that stuff but she’s really cautious about all of that and she won’t even let us order food out right now because she’s so cautious about it and I kind of agree because some of the people around here that I know who do that kind of stuff if they were to show up in my house I know they aren’t social distancing and that there’s a pretty good chance they’re probably around someone who had it and I would not want them touching my food or being around it to breathe on the boxes even you so is there a way to code a drop-down menu in the inputs tab in an indicator for instance having an MA baseline value set for Bitcoin and then different one for aetherium I don’t know about a drop-down but I mean you could hard code a function to check the security name and see if you’re working with aetherium or a Bitcoin with the current one you can use this sim info and if you can parse out the symbol that you’re working with I think it gives you the base asset separately I’m not entirely sure what all the variables are I should probably pull up the reference manual in just a moment you see sim info see the prefix that is the exchange I believe roots some of their stuff in the reference manual doesn’t really read the easiest taker you now the ticker if you run it too hard code it would be BTC USD they don’t have string functions which is something I’d really like to see more of in Pond is more string functions so we can do sub strings and we can do stuff like this now if you were to create the indicator to where you use the options like for example our the one that we did in the tutorial series where we had the options here if you were to manually have yourself set it to Bitcoin or aetherium here and switch it every time you change the charts then you can do that easily with the function you just look at the input value like we did down here and we toss out the correct value but as far as it being dynamic I kind of think on that one I would love to see the string functions to help with that though because there’s been several times I like to work with CSVs because I find those to be easier to work with even more easier than JSON objects I don’t really care for the brackets so much but I like to work with CF E’s and parsing out data from a CSV is a lot easier to me especially with the language like this where you don’t have those built in tools to do that stuff hey man I’m not seeing that telegram I don’t think I’m in that one if you want you can go to the discord or my Twitter and you can actually send me the link to it and I’ll check it out and yeah I’ll get back to you on it or if you can copy and paste it whenever you get time you can send it to me on social media somewhere but yeah I’m not I don’t think I’m in that telegram you you yeah so I think what you’re talking about for that input drop-down would probably work the way I described it you replace these options like what we have in the tutorial series here you would set your title to your whole length or whatever you want to call your whole variable set your default value to the string like Bitcoin or BTC or ETH and then you have your options set to where you have BTC and ETH those be the only two and then you have your function and you don’t even have to pass a parameter into it you can just check to see if your input says it was BTC or if it was a theorem and then you just return a hard-coded value that you have set you yeah and of course you could also do the the boolean input to where you could do the check box it would work the same way except instead of looking for the string BTC you would just have to know that if it was checked I mean you’d have to call it is this BTC and I have it checked my default and then it would know it was true and then you would return your Bitcoin value whatever that one was and then if it wasn’t true you’d know that you weren’t on the Bitcoin chart and in your case you would know you were on your aetherium chart but yeah it’ll work for you if you did it like that no problem in the only thing I asked from you all to share these videos no I’m just kidding you if you’ll like them that helps a lot and just watching them helps a lot I’m really trying to get back up to the monetization status hey thanks man we’re gonna be going to look into their styling guide so I’m gonna try and make things look like the way that they recommend I’ll go ahead and show you that right now you I’ve been working with pine coders some they have some really great resources and I actually use them in one of my recent videos for the gradient fill they have a lot of great code there’s a lot of great people in the group who have a lot of great code that I know a lot of people on here think I’m incredible but when I look at their code it’s like I’m obviously not smarter than a toe there’s people who have you know obviously studied data science and they are making some crazy code which is really good but yet these are their styling guides we’re going to go over this in a video but it’s going to end up looking like those we see I can’t pull up their actual code here oh how can I do this I’ll just go to my profile first and search for those who I can go to following I don’t follow very many people you ooh that came out with a new one that is new I like this but you can see they have a lot of code out here a lot of scripts yeah that looks really nice I like that what did they do differently I’m kind of getting off of subject here oh cool there’s just some more customizations yeah but you can see they have a pretty well defined style guideline here it’s like these are constants functions f underscore and I have things in a certain order so you have your inputs and in your functions and then your calculations and then your plots and then your strategy calls it some other stuff but that’s gonna be really interesting I really like the work that they’ve done their gradients looked a lot better than the one that I did which I wonder if I can get it back to that one actually their gradients look really really good compared to the ones that I did but that’s because I didn’t want to copy their code if I copied their code I could have made it look nice like there’s yeah here we go I mean it’s decent but just the way mine works isn’t entirely different than theirs yeah man I think that’s all for now I’m gonna try and set up another livestream Friday on Good Friday in the afternoon when I have some time off to do this see if I can’t do some more live streams around here because I really appreciate that you all have actually gotten involved on this one if you all can come check out the other ones I really appreciate that like I said we’re trying to get the watch time up here to get back into the monetization status that way I can actually and grow the channel I want these giveaways to not be coming entirely out of my pocket eventually and to make those bigger so that we can continue to grow this and share and help other people you know it’s what it’s all about it and if you’ve seen the mission for big bits you’ll know that it’s all about education awareness of crypto and just much everything we’ve been doing how far just told me I was disconnected I’m reconnected oh okay it’s going in and out yeah man with the watch Tom what happened was I used to have a decent channel I had 1400 subscribers and my channel was growing really quick but some stuff came up I had a lot of health issues my wife had some health issues and I just quit and I deleted all my videos because I just decided to rebrand everything I didn’t like my logo I didn’t like some of the stuff I was doing in the videos it’s not that it wasn’t good content it was just that I didn’t want to do that stuff anymore so I just started over and it’s very nice that I’ve been able to get back to where I am already I had I never figured I’d be able to get you know four hundred subs and in a couple of months really because it was a long grind to get what I did before and to get here to 400 you know that was that’s like what a third almost like two fifths maybe of what I had before and I got in a couple months where the other ones took me years yeah I’ve got plenty of subs I just need the watch time okay yeah my wife is probably wanting me to come upstairs and see her so I appreciate you all watching I’m actually gonna quit this dumb but if if you all have anything that you want to see just leave comments or whatever definitely reach out to me on this court or Twitter and I’ll get back to you most of the time like I said I’m really busy so if you’re asking for help it’s gonna be hard for me to help you right now unless we’re doing with these live streams or something but thanks man y’all have a nice day

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