TradingView Desktop Application – New Timelines and Highlighter Drawing Tool!

TradingView Desktop Application – New Timelines and Highlighter Drawing Tool!

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[Music] hey i am david for big bits and in this video we’re going to take a look at several of the newest updates from trading you including a huge uh new product i guess you would call it the trading view desktop application for both windows and apple operating systems so first of all we are looking at the script that we made in the last video the indicator where we talked about the rising and falling functions if you missed that video go to my profile and check that out here on youtube but today we’re going to be looking at this particular chart on both the website here and on the desktop application so we’ll take a look at what we’ve done in the past but we’ll be comparing it between the desktop and the web application so uh going ahead and getting into things they do have a blog post if you have went and seen this this came out several days ago about a week ago now i wanted to actually take some time and look at the web or the desktop application excuse me before we got into doing a video about it so i kind of know what’s going on it’s pretty interesting you can see the version that they’re showing you here is the apple version of course you can see the mac os there but one of the cool things about this is native multi-monitor support and i’ll show you kind of what they mean by this but yeah i’ll just show you in a minute it’ll make more sense than the desktop experience uh basically the most important thing is that it is going to be more efficient and a little bit faster than using a web browser specifically if you’re using a web browser that has a hard time with memory and things like that this application is going to dedicate its browser which is i assume how it’s working uh specifically for trading view everything’s going to be optimized for the trading view experience and i’ll show you kind of what we mean by that here in just a moment but let me go ahead and drag this over from my other monitor you can see this is the application uh once you’ve got it installed it opens like any other application on your computer on windows here i just hit the start key type in trading view and it’ll bring up the link for the application and i just click on it and the application comes up once you get signed in you can see i have signed in with my account here it doesn’t give you a whole lot of options here on the actual menu or the application itself pretty much everything is kind of baked in to the application itself as far as the web application you can see this is essentially just the web application everything is exactly like the web application even the notifications everything looks exactly like it so based on my experience building desktop applications i believe they are just loading in the actual web application here and authenticating you from where you logged into the application using some sort of token so the login that you’re doing basically logs you into the application locally but is also giving you the token to be logged in to their website as well within this application and of course it’ll be saved in your browser similar to how it is when you log in on chrome or something like that it’ll remember who you are same thing will kind of happen here it’ll just save that token so it’ll remember who you are now of course everything here is just like the actual website there’s really not a whole lot to go over there was one minor difference though and that is if we go on to say something like the profile here go down to the very bottom you can see there’s links that take us to outside of trading view and let me find one of them here um say if we were to click on youtube it’s going to open up a new browser window on my actual browser here in the background i’m not going to open up youtube here within their application and that is done by design on their end so that you don’t open up other applications within their application even though it is using a browser now you can click on all the different things within trading view here that’s completely fine that’s enough to be expected correct so one of the other things that i wanted to mention and show you aside from you know this is going to be operating a little bit better and using less memory is that it said that it had native multi-monitor support and cool thing about this is even though it’s a desktop application and you can see that you know you’ve got tabs for your browser you can actually pull out that tab it didn’t look like you could because it had the circle with the line through it it kind of looked like you shouldn’t be able to do it but you can i was able to pull out that tab you can actually slide this over onto another monitor like i just did or arrange them however you like so that’s something pretty cool as well as i mentioned it looks and operates a lot like a chrome based browser would it might in fact be a chrome based browser in the background within their application that’s something to take note of also when you’re on the other pages i’ve noticed i think the right click doesn’t work uh and that’s probably also for a very good reason so let’s go back to the profile say i want to right click and see the actual url here behind this link uh i right clicked it and nothing’s actually happening so one thing you could have done is inspect source if you’re using an actual browser here but again even if this is a browser within their application they have a lot of control over it and what it can actually do and disabling a right click and inspecting source code is an option for them it’s the way a lot of applications do work not all of them actually use a browser i should say but everything’s kind of centralized on the back end somewhere and the application kind of helps you lock everything down the way you want it to be now that’s going to be it pretty much for the desktop version of the application for now i’m completely fine using the web-based version i don’t sit here and stare at charts i used to do it quite a bit i don’t really stare at the charts much anymore so it’s not going to do a whole lot for me because i don’t check them constantly but if you’re going to be having a bunch of tabs or a bunch of charts open at once it’s probably going to be a good idea to use the desktop application as it probably going to save you some computer resources and help your entire system run a little bit smoother as opposed to opening up a bunch of different tabs on your chrome or whatever other browser that you have so i want to move this out of the way and we’re going to take a look at some of the other items that they had for updates and hopefully that little bit was uh useful for you and also if you want to download it check out that blog post and you can find the download for windows 10 and for mac os now they have also launched a new feature on their application their web application here that is for timelines and what this is going to do is allow you to track the company the company history their first symbol that they’re working with is tesla i’m not going to read through all of this but you can kind of get an idea this is their sample that they’re showing i’ll zoom in just a moment you can actually see that this is the overview timeline ideas tabs the timeline tab of course is where you’re going to be looking and you’re going to be able to see this new feature and you can see all of the different items that happen among the timeline you can see they are hovering over it in their little gif video here and showing you these thumbnails and you can look at them to get more information about them so that’s kind of interesting and i wanted to go ahead and take you over to the tesla symbol of course you could follow symbols on trading you can also click to trade them now but you can see this is their first example of the timeline of course you can click on the items and then you click learn more it’ll take you to the respective url that you need to but pretty cool little feature uh one of the things i probably wanted to mention is i believe they are looking for people to help them with this i forget what it is where was it i thought i saw this here we go naturally there are thousands of companies to get through and they want your help they want to know what you think is important to include and what you find the most useful so they’re asking anyone who’s interested in joining that community editing project to send a message to the main tradingview account on tradingview so you have to use your tradingview messages to send them a message to the tradingview account and ask to help if you want to be a part of doing that pretty cool idea we’ll see if it catches on it’s kind of like a wikipedia type approach to getting information on the timelines again here that is and the last feature here is the highlighter tool which is kind of interesting this is just another drawing tool that is going to allow you to highlight on the page and honestly it’s just a brush it’s really nothing too spectacular here let’s go ahead and take a look at this you can find this over here with the drawing tools like the brush itself but let’s come down click on the highlighter really the only difference between a brush and a highlighter is that by default it’s transparent see i changed mine to where it wasn’t but the default color that it had was pretty much this color one thing you will notice of course you can change the color with the settings of the highlighter there are some other settings of course you can change regarding visibility mainly though just the uh color and transparency the width appears to be pretty fixed here i would have assumed it would have been in these particular settings for the highlighter but one thing that you should know is if you do have them transparent watch what happens when you go over the same line twice you can see right here is a little bit brighter the transparency stacks it doesn’t stay the same between both of them so if for whatever reason you’re going over the same spot a bunch you’ll notice that the transparency kind of overlaps and it doesn’t stay the same throughout so that’s kind of interesting to note but for the most part it’s just a brush nothing really too fancy about it but it is a new tool so i figured i’d highlight it for all of you all and i think that’s it for this video i appreciate all of you all for watching we’re almost at 4 000 subscribers that’s getting pretty wild i appreciate everyone who stops by and if you like this video please go down and leave a like on the video that helps a whole lot if you did like this video you’ll probably like the rest of my videos go check those out but you should probably also subscribe while you’re down there liking the video because you can get updates like this and some of the tutorial videos and other things that we cover here on the channel but that’s going to be it for now i appreciate you watching and have a great day [Music]

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TradingView Desktop Application – New Timelines and Highlighter Drawing Tool!: In this TradingView Pine Script Tutorial/TradingView Update, we discuss the brand new TradingView Desktop Application for both Windows 10 and Mac OS. There is also a new feature for Timelines and a brand new Highlighter Drawing Tool for use on your charts. With Pine Script it is very easy for even beginners to create their own indicators or strategies that have many other indicators within them. Once we have completed the script, we can see our results immediately and begin working with more functions, indicators, and strategies.

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