Trading Indicators Explained With TradingView 0: Introduction To The Series

Trading Indicators Explained With TradingView 0: Introduction To The Series

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[Music] and this is David for big bits and welcome to the new series that we’re doing here on the channel where we’re going to discuss different trading indicators and break them down talk about how they’re actually used and go into the calculation for how they are created so that you can understand what’s happening to create the values that you see on the screen with your trading indicators we’re going to be using the trading view website and we are going to be coding some of our own indicators well I am just to show you what’s going on if you’re interested in creating your own indicators I have another series completely about that so click on my channel and you can look for those videos there but as far as prior experience with trading you probably don’t really need any to understand the videos because we’re gonna be going over math and how the math really relates to what’s going on what’s being shown on the screen so don’t need a lot of experience but it’s certainly helpful for you to understand we’re gonna start off with the most simple trading indicator that I can think of which is the simple moving average and then we’re going to build upon that and work with more complicated trading indicators that are available so we’re gonna start very simple so you don’t really need any knowledge to get started and you can kind of follow along and see these different trading indicators kind of learn how they’re used and how they’re calculated and perhaps even start using them for yourself so thank you for watching and please enjoy this series [Music]

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