How I Get Bitcoin Back From Shopping Online – Using Lolli and §SatsTag For Stacking Sats

How I Get Bitcoin Back From Shopping Online – Using Lolli and §SatsTag For Stacking Sats

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[Music] hey i am david for big bits in this video we are going to take a look at the browser extension lolly which works for google chrome based browsers and in this case i’m using the brave browser and if you’re interested to learn about brave i think i have a whole video about it also in my uploaded videos you can search for it there’s also tons of resources on brave but anyway since this is a chrome browser extension you can add it on to brave that’s what i’ve done but what is this extension what does lolly do if you haven’t heard of lolly what it does is it gives you bitcoin cash back on your purchases when you shop online so you may have heard of other online extensions or browser extensions that give you cash back when you purchase from certain websites this is pretty much the same idea but since uh i like bitcoin and i want to stack my bitcoin i want to hold my bitcoin i thought it would be a clever idea to just use the lolly extension to get cash back when i shop online that way i can get bitcoin back instead of actual dollars in my account because honestly what i would like to do is i would just like to accumulate bitcoin slowly over time and lawley has done a very good job of that and one of their recent updates has been to introduce something called a sat tags which sort of stands for satoshi tags if you’re familiar with bitcoin you should know that but anyway this is a really good way to build up some bitcoin without really having to do anything and honestly it’s been completely effortless once you get it set up and honestly the setup is hardly anything but once you get it set up you can start purchasing things on this huge list of sites that they have available for you to shop on where you’re going to get cash back it’ll give you a percentage of how much cash back you’re going to get you know it’s anywhere from you know less than one percent all the way up to 10 15 sometimes depending on the store that you’re at but this is a pretty cool thing they have introduced this new sats tag which is kind of interesting and this is the reason why i wanted to bring this video up because this is going to do something a little bit different and it’s going to integrate with some of the other content that we talk about the satoshi tags it’s kind of like your twitter handle but more so let’s take a look at their blog more so it is going to be more like your venmo id if you’ve ever used venmo or essentially just your payment method id you can also kind of think of it like a crypto domain uh for bitcoin in a sense that you will be able to use their platform to send based on this name now they have tons of things going on here they kind of explain what a satoshi is what the symbol comes from more information and by the way if you didn’t know you can actually get to that symbol from your keyboard i didn’t know this uh combination i knew you could do this character but it’s alt 21 if you’re on windows those those are the other options as well but let’s go down here there’s a couple of things that i wanted to highlight that the sats tags are going to do you can send and receive bitcoin so i guess it’s going to be from their platform you can send and receive bitcoin you can refer your friends using your sats tag which hey by the way i do have a referral code in the description of the video if you’re interested in using lolly and getting bitcoin back on your online purchases and i’m going to show you a few really good ones coming up soon where you can get a large amount of cash back that i have done a couple of times on occasion and works really well they also can offer on-chain support logging in with your sas tag but what’s really interesting for stuff that we’ve covered on this channel is the lightning integration because we are going to be exploring light night the game which is obviously based on the bitcoin lightning network and being able to deposit and withdraw bitcoin within the game so this is something really interesting that we’re going to take a deeper look at later on and if we can use lolly instead of having to set up a lightning wallet elsewhere this might save us some time so if we’re going to be playing light night we can just use our cash back that we’ve gotten from lolly with its lightning integration eventually move that over into the game purchase some skins something like that or you know buy some other feature in the game or withdraw from the game what we have earned into our lolly account that might be an option as well so that’s something i’m really looking forward to now i have got my account pulled up this is my actual activity here you can see i’ve only got about 48 dollars worth of bitcoin it’s not that much i don’t do a whole lot of online shopping on stores that work with lolly right now because uh i usually go for the best deal and a lot of times the referral sites that use these type of extensions don’t usually give you the best deal so if you’re willing to shop around you can usually find a better deal even with the cash back but one of my favorites has been sam’s club because they obviously if you’re not familiar with sam’s club they offer a really good deal on bulk purchases pretty large it’s a warehouse type store and you can buy big like three gallon containers of ketchup if you wanted to you know it’s crazy stuff like that where you can buy huge amounts of things for cheaper value and it’s pretty cool but i order from there fairly often one of my favorite things is to order paper towels because those are pretty cheap and they’re pretty durable i like to order paper towels from there and a couple of other things pretty often and these add up over time you can see we’re only getting 10 20 cents each but they’ve added up over time here’s one that’s 41 cents 34 cents and just kind of going back through time you can see kind of all of these purchases that i made and how they’ve added up and you can see here’s one from staples so there are a lot of big retailers out there and the really cool thing about this staples purchase was that i had a bunch of coupons on staples and i got a really good deal the price of my purchase was you know 20 to 30 percent under the regular retail price on some stuff that i needed and then i also got cash back on it it’s pretty cool uh taking a look probably the best one that i have used for cash back is udemy and the reason for that is that it has a higher percentage cash back i like to use udemy because it’s uh it’s a really good resource to learn new skills from because it is a focused course usually on something that you’re interested in so i like to watch video tutorials and if you watch my channel you probably like video tutorials as well udemy has a lot of good courses on some skills that i like to learn so occasionally i’ll buy a course on there and the great thing about udemy is it’s like 10 to 15 cash back with bitcoin i love that i’ve done that a few times and see there was also a groupon that you could have done so you can get a deal on groupon and also use your lolly extension to get cash back on that so it’s pretty easy to use i’ll show you how you actually use it in just a moment it’s super simple but let’s take a look at some of the stores really quick and before i get too far you can also see that i have my sats tag up here big bits and there is of course my activity information and then of course i’m gonna have the referral here where it of course if you refer somebody yourself you can get ten dollars in bitcoin as well but what i really focus on when i want to buy something online that is from a store that i haven’t been to before i like to check to see if lolly has them on there and see how much percentage cash back they have so obviously the highest percentage cash back is from harry’s i believe that’s a razor online razor store for shaving then of course udemy is number two with up to 13 and a half and then groupon is 10 and a half up to of course uh so between you to me and groupon i think those are by far the best uh return because i think harry’s is probably a little overpriced if they’re willing to give you back 27 percent when it comes to udemy uh their prices might look really expensive but there’s a good chance you can find a promo code and get the course for like 10 to 20 bucks let’s look around just about any course on there if uh if you look around you’ll probably find a promo code you can get those courses really cheap all right and then with groupon this is just inherently a pretty good deal just because a groupon was designed to give you good deals elsewhere by buying these group deals on their site so you’re probably going to get a good deal on whatever you’re buying on groupon and then you’re going to get 10 and a half percent bitcoin back pretty cool in my opinion i’ve only used it the one time of course this was right around the time covet started so we couldn’t really go out and do a whole lot of stuff so um i haven’t really been on groupon since then because we don’t really want to go out and do a whole lot of stuff around a lot of people uh while all this is going on everything’s getting kind of figured out of course sam’s club it was also one of the higher ones up here it says up to nine percent cash back but in my experience it’s been much more like one or less percent uh it i guess it just must depend on what types of items you’re buying uh and their profit margin what they can give you back and of course there’s a whole huge list here uh some of the ones that stick out expedia priceline chewy godaddy this is one that i have actually meant to use but i keep forgetting to use when i go on there and i register and update my hosting for some things uh let’s see they also have gap lots of great things though and then of course is staples and i look petco as well all right so that is pretty good you know you go to all these stores you get all this cash back when you purchase from there but how do you actually use the extension it’s pretty simple i have got the sam’s club website pulled up i’m logged into one of my family members accounts here who just use the computer and let’s take a look at the lolly extension up here you can see right here this is the extension lolly earn bitcoin when you shop has access to this site all you have to do to activate it click on it it’ll come up and you just click on this nice little activate button it’ll say hold on while they’re activating and i’m pretty sure this is just making you go through a referral link somehow and there we go once you have it activated it’ll tell you you’re activated and it’ll turn green one important thing to do if you use lolli is to make sure that you actually when you check out and you’re in the checkout screen on your online site and you’re purchasing something make sure it’s green all right you can see for some reason it’s not green right now just make sure it’s green and it’s activated when you go to check out just to make sure i usually like to add everything that i want to the cart and then i like to activate that on the checkout page itself that way i know that it’s active so that’s something to keep in mind obviously it works with sam club you saw my activity everything kind of added up there and the great thing about stacking bitcoin with your cash back purchases is that it does have that opportunity to increase in price so i probably have only gotten more like thirty dollars in cash back but the value of the bitcoin that i have gotten back has increased to around 48 now so that’s something pretty cool about getting bitcoin back as opposed to just dollars is you do have that chance that the value of your bitcoin can go up now of course that also means the value of your bitcoin can go down but uh i am very comfortable with uh collecting a small bit of bitcoin like this and you know eventually i’ll probably get this up to one percent of a bitcoin which at some day in the future could be you know 500 or so it’s hard to say where that it could be but just continuing to purchase and build up these things and see it probably would be at least five hundred dollars it’s uh yeah quite a bit that’s probably more than that now what is it uh no that’s not right all right i’m trying to do math on recording video this is just not working well but anyway you kind of get the idea the value can go up or down and again i’m going to put the referral that’s over here in the description of the video so you can check out lolly as well this video wasn’t sponsored or anything i am using the affiliate link just because i think it would be nice but i i really just wanted to go over lolli because i do think it’s a really good extension they’re really pro bitcoin if you ever go check out their twitter account they are just super bitcoin maximalists i would say uh i would say if there was a spectrum of uh bitcoin maximalism they are definitely up towards the higher end on that so they definitely like bitcoin they love to push the bitcoin agenda and it’s really nice because this is a good real world use case where you can actually get bitcoin back and it can actually serve as a store value for you over time if you wanted to and you can also withdraw into a bank account or you can send it to a crypto account as well and i believe they have this set up to where in the future you’re going to be able to send it to these sats tags but i think that’s going to be it for this video hopefully you can go check it lolly out again i highly recommend it from my own personal experience again this is not a paid sponsored video i just really like the extension it’s helped me out you can tell i’ve collected a few bucks on the side but if i really wanted to i could get a lot more back but right now that’s not what i’m trying to do i just want to share with you all how much i enjoy this extension and hopefully you can use it to help yourself as well but that’s going to be it for this video everyone thank you and have a nice day

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How I Get Bitcoin Back From Shopping Online – Using Lolli and §SatsTag For Stacking Sats: In this video I show how I have been using lolli to steadily accumulate Bitcoin. This steady accumulation of Bitcoin is referred to as Stacking Sats and lolli even created their very own §SatsTag to help users on their platform with using Bitcoin. Lolli is a chrome based extension – meaning we can also use it on Brave browser – that when activated grants you cash back in the form of Bitcoin on the site you are shopping on if it qualifies. This is a great way to get Bitcoin for free for the shopping you will be doing anyway.

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