Cards breaks are when groups of people consent to assigning in various fashions how to split boxes of sports, entertainment or game cards after having paid a fee respectively to enter the group card break. Ex: A $100 box of cards get a group of 4 people to break it. Each person in the group is assigned a team, division, or some other type of sorting method to assign the cards after paying an entry fee for the break. Breaks are recorded, typically live and shared to show integrity when breaking cards with groups you meet virtually. After the cards are opened on the recording for the group participants to see their respective share the break organizer sorts, packs and ships the cards to the participants. It is typicall for the organizer to be reimbursed for shipping, as well as their time and effort in organizing the break.

Cardboard Connection offers a great article on what card breaks are and how they are ran.

Blockchain Break

Big Bits is determined to introduce blockchain based card breaks. The plan is to eventually create a smart contract to collect group participant fees, randomly assign particpants into their card sorting placement and finally record any other meta data such as hits, # of cards and so on. To get started, we are going to do some breaks to get a foot into card breaking online and have some fun with the community we’ve built through Big Bits. Trading card hobbies and also their card breaks can range from being rather inexpesnive and just for fun, or rather expensive and done in the pursuit of drawing very valuable cards to either keep and showcase, or sell for a large profit.

See Available Breaks

Use this link to navigate to the eBay page where card break entries are currently posted.

Breaks Available on eBay from Big Bits