Big Bits Standard Sports Break – Random Team

This Break is for: Topps 2020 Series 2 – 1 Blaster Box, 1 Hanger Box, 2 Card Packs

This will take place on Wednesday July 29th at 8PM Eastern time live on YouTube! If the break needs to be rescheduled due to technical difficulties participants will be notified as soon as possible.

Card Break YouTube: Big Bits Breaks (The break will stream from this channel)
Main YouTube: Big Bits

Terms and Conditions:

  • The winner of this auction will receive all cards of the random team(s) they are assigned.
  • This break can be watched live on my YouTube channel Big Bits Breaks. All live streams are saved on YouTube as a record.
  • All payments are due within 30 minutes after the auction has ended via PayPal.
  • Please be responsible. There is NO GUARANTEE that the team(s) you are assigned will receive any cards. All paying participants who do not receive a card from the break will be mailed a random card as a thank you. If possible, random cards will be from the genre/sport of the break.
  • This auction is NOT for any specific unit (Case, Box, Pack, Individual Card, etc…). This is a card break and cards will be given to participants with the assigned team of the player on the individual card.
  • If you wish to purchase multiple spots and thus receive a shipping discount please contact me BEFORE bidding or purchasing.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS – This is a card break, you must understand and agree to these terms before purchasing. Due to the nature of this purchase, returns are strictly not allowed after breaks have began.

Special Draw Circumstances/Tie breakers:

  • If there is no assigned team on the card and no player is present the card will be assigned randomly.
  • If there is no assigned team on the card and there is a player/person present on the card the card will be assigned to their Hall of Fame team if applicable, and if not they will be assigned to their latest team, and if none apply they will be assigned randomly.
  • Cards with multiple players will be assigned to the participant with the player taking up the most space on the card. This can be subjective and not always obvious. If the breaker can not make a decision the card will be assigned randomly among those participants with team members in the card.
  • In all other instances, the breaker reserves the right to randomly assign the card.
  • All loyalty, or contest draws that are not a player parralel stay with the breaker.

Shipping will be performed within 3 business days, typically the next business day. Auto, Relics, Memo and #’d cards will be shipped in sleeves and a top loader within a protected envelope to ensure maximum card safety.

By bidding on this auction, and/or purchasing an entry as a participant in this card break you agree to these terms and conditions.

Now that you’ve read all the boring stuff, relax, and have fun. My breaks are chill, relaxed and we enjoy seeing big hits. My main YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers, I suggest you check it out if you are curious. Just search BigBits.

Please message me if you have any questions or concerns. I would love to help you.


David @ Big Bits